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Top 20 Power Rankings

First let me start by saying what a great way to start the live shows of season 11. Since everyone got to perform in their own style I figured I rank each of the different genres, with the exception of tap, ballet, and hip hop they will form their own group.


1. Ricky and Jessica: Sonya out did herself on this piece. Just an absolutely gorgeous dance that was the best of the night. I think it safe to say that these two are safe judging from the judges reactions and the reactions on social media. What I loved most was how simple the music was, it gave the illusions like they they were dancing with our any music.

2. Rudy and Carly: Stacey Tookey’s choreography is always easy to watch and enjoy. I loved they way Rudy and Carly  performed this with such emotion. I think Rudy could very easily be a fan favorite.

3. Stanley and Bridget: I love Bonnie Story and this dance. I think that both Stanley and Bridget are great dancers. Stanley for me is right up there with Ricky as the best male contemporary dancer I just hope he doesn’t get lost in the mix.

4. Casey and Emily: I love Travis’s work and I loved this as well. I just felt like the other contemporary dances outshines it but not by much. I love Emily and Casey as a pair it kinda stinks that they will be split up next week. I really hop they make it to the next round. Emily is one of my favorites this season.


1.Nick and Tanisha: So happy to have Louis Van Amstel back on the show. That may have been the fastest I’ve have ever seen the judges talk…too bad they can always do that, they can ramble at times. I think that Tanisha and Nick were the best ballroom couple of the night. Tanisha for me is the best out of the girls.

2. Surge and Brooklyn: Overall loved the dance and the choreography by Dmitry. I do have to agree with what the judges had to say about Brooklyn. Surge was able to steal the attention from her. Had her nervousness not gotten the best of her, I think she would have been fine.

3. Marquet and Marlene: I’m not sure what it was about this dance that seemed to fall flat to me. They danced well and it’s one of the few time that I rely on the judges opinion.


1. Zack and Valerie: It’s not really a secret that I love tap and I was loving Anthony Morigerato’s Choreography. I know the hard work it takes to pull of a routine like that. Stairs are not an easy prop for tap dancers especially cause tap shoes can be slippery. My personal favorite of the night.

2. Jacque and Jourdan: I had to rewatch this pas de duex because I was sure who lost their balance during the dance. I’m pretty sure it was Jourdan and thankfully the judges didn’t seem to mind but Nigel was being a tad bit nit picky.

2. Emilio and Teddy: This and the ballet were even to me which is why there and two 2s. I have to admit I kinda have a crush on these two Sure part the reason is the Teddy taps as well and Emilio was reminding me a bit of Dominic. I love that Chris Scott choreographs to songs you would never think of doing a hip hop to. The smoothness of the dance is why I enjoyed it.

So who’s going to be the first to be eliminated? It’s kind of tough to figure out, it’s easier  to figure who will be staying. It’s a toss up really…they are all really good it’s more about who gets lost in the mix and what dances are easily forgotten about.

Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July weekend.

July 5, 2014 I Written By

Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

Bonnie Story: Emmy Award Winner and Mother of a Chance to Dance’s Bayli Baker

One of the contestants on A Chance to Dance has some famous family members.

Some of you might remember Kelli Baker from Season Four of So You Think You Can Dance. If you keep up with Emmy winners, the name Bonnie Story might ring a bell.

Well, Bayli Baker is the sister of Kelli and daughter of Bonnie. This family obviously has a lot of talent. Both Kelli and Bayli were dancers in High School Musical. And Bonnie? Well, she won an Emmy for her choreography in High School Musical’s 1, 2, and 3.

Bonnie Story is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and five children. While she is best-known for the incredible dance scenes in the High School Musicals, she has a very impressive resume. In 2002, she was a co-choreographer for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City’s opening and closing ceremonies. I remember being absolutely mesmerized by those performances — my roommate from my freshman year of college was actually in them.

She started out as a dancer before taking on choreography — in fact, she started dancing when she was five years old! She often put together performances at her house and would invite everyone in the whole neighborhood. She definitely started out her career early on in life.

As I mentioned, her most well-known work was done with High School Musicals. Bonnie had worked with Kenny Ortega, the director, during the Olympics, and that’s where they first became acquainted. After that, he asked her to help with the choreography, and it took off from there.

In addition, Bonnie has also done choreography for a variety of television shows, movies, and commercials. She is the Associate Artistic Director of Odyssey Dance Theatre, which is also where Eldon Johnson is an instructor. 

In an interview, Bonnie relays how it felt to win an Emmy:

Receiving an Emmy nomination and then actually going home with one was very surreal. It was amazing! I feel honored to have received one. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the commitment that was given from everyone. There is never a project where you do it on your own. The concepts, music, direction, art direction, the whole crew (I could go on and on) — without their contribution, the Emmy wouldn’t be there. I am grateful for being able to work on a project that made a huge impact on a lot of kids and adults.

I was excited to learn more about Bonnie, seeing as I was a huge fan of the High School Musical trilogy — in fact, I remember when there was a special on the Disney Channel where they taught how to dance to some of the songs. Even though I was in high school, I totally dance a long (though, I’m glad that it was never recorded).

I’m sure it was an added plus to be able to have both her daughters on set during High School Musical. That must have been a lot of fun, and I’m sure the girls were thrilled to be able to be in that project.

Bayli was unfortunately eliminated from A Chance to Dance. I found that to be a shame, because I really thought she was pretty talented. Even though she didn’t make it here, I won’t be surprised if she becomes a successful dancer. Who knows, maybe she will follow in the footsteps of her mother and become a choreographer. Either way, this family sure is full of talent — and there are three more children in it. I wonder if we’ll see them on any dance shows in the future?

September 20, 2012 I Written By

Katie Clark is a journalism student at Brigham Young University in her senior year. She is originally from Littleton, Colorado, and hopes to move back there after graduation. Reality television is her favorite to watch, and has enjoyed writing about America's Got Talent and A Chance to Dance. She is a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys writing (especially blogs), cooking and sewing (while spending far too much time on Pinterest finding inspiration) and being outside with her husband and son.