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Season 8 Top 14 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Here’s a space for my live thoughts on tonight’s results episode and also YOUR comments.

I loooved the Top 14 Bollywood routine by Nakul. It had so much passion and was one of the best Bollywood routines lately. It kinda reminded me of the routine Season 7 did on tour, actually. Anybody else reminded of that routine? I loved seeing Caitlynn and Rickey front and center at the end. I kept noticing Caitlynn and Ashley throughout.

Travis is adorable in a tux and even more so when he says with surprise and excitement, “I didn’t do a bad job yesterday!” Cute. No, Travis, you didn’t do a bad job at all. You’re welcome on the judging panel whenever you want, as far as I’m concerned. Only, I’m glad to hear you’re working with the dancers next week. Whooo hooo!

Maybe it’s mean-spirited of me, but I’m kinda glad Carmen Electra’s not on the panel tonight. I don’t think she added anything to last night’s show, personally.

And, a spoiler space for the first of the results…

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SYTYCD Season 8 Top 14 Results Music

Just praying I won’t be heartbroken tonight. I don’t have to worry about the music – that’s always good. Love finding new songs through SYTYCD! But it doesn’t seem like I’ll get off easy as far as the elimination goes…

Nakul dev Mahajan Top 14 Bollywood routine: Ila Arun & Kunal Ganjawala’s “Kata Kata Bechara Bakra” – Kata Kata Bechara Bakra - Raavan from the “Raavan” soundtrack

Guest performers Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: Mikael Karlsson’s “Ends” – Ends - Ends - Single

Ashley danced her solo to: John West ft. Pusha T’s “Lovely” – haven’t found on iTunes yet
Chris danced his solo to: Basement Jaxx’s “Scars” – Scars (feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk) - Scars (Bonus Track Version)
Jordan danced her solo to: Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta’s “Commander” – Commander (feat. David Guetta) - Commander (feat. David Guetta) - Single
Tadd danced his solo to: Gloria Estavan’s “1-2-3 (Remix)” – 1,2,3 (Remix) - Greatest Hits
Ryan danced her solo to: BRNO Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Adagio for Strings” – Adagio for Strings - Absolute Masters, Vol. 1
Rickey danced his solo to: Mario Spinetti’s “When You Say My Name” – When You Say My Name - [1/1]

Florence & the Machine performed “Cosmic Love” – Cosmic Love - Lungs (Deluxe Edition)

Results after the spoiler break…

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