Unexpected Surprises

So yesterday was a typical Monday night and I just finished watching the Bachelor special. Nothing else was on that was worth watching, so I settled on watching Celebrity Fit Club on Vh1. About half way through the show, the Harvey(the trainer) had set up something fun for the celebs to do after their challenge. However it turned out to be a dance contest with a very special judge. That judge was the one and only Joshua Allen, winner of SYTYCD season 4, not that I needed to be told that. Of course Joshua showed off his dance moves and it reminded me why he won. So the celebs face off against each other, the final two were Kevin Federine(who is a dancer) and Kaycee Stroh(High School Musical 1-3). In the end Joshua named Kaycee the winner. Vh1 is always repeating their shows so if you missed it, don’t worry you can see it again and understand why Kaycee won. It was reall nice to see Joshua dance again, which makes me even more excited for Step Up 3 to hit theatres.

Speaking of movies I was watching a few this weekend and learn a few new things that I didn’t know. She’s All That has a really great dance number in the prom scene. This particular dance number was choreographed by Adam Shankman and Brian Friedman was one of the dancers in the movie. The other movie, Lil C was featured in Center Stage: Turn It Up. I didn’t realize he was in the movie till I saw his name in the credits. So of course I had to go back to the club scenes to find him and see him krump. Just wanted to share with everyone and to start blogging again so I’m not so rusty when the new season airs this summer. Until then don’t forget to look out for more SYTYCD alum on new episodes of Glee.