SYTYCD Top 4 Routines You Hope to See

I’m going to steal part of another great comment from Christine to talk about the routines you’d like to see from the SYTYCD top 4. Here’s the routines Christine lists that she’d like to see from the So You Think You Can Dance top 4.

Kayla Brandon: Paso Doble
Kayla Evan: Lyrical Jazz
Jeanine Brandon: Contemporary or even Bollywood. (As much as I like the soft hip hop by Jeanine, I have a feeling Brandon will dance too hard and will lack connection with his partner.)
Jeanine Evan: BROADWAY or even west coast swing if they can pull that off without pulling their face too much (bring Benji back!) … but I have a feeling it might be some waltz or if Evan can just keep his frame straight)
Brandon Evan: hmm…not sure yet. Broadway is the only thing i can think of that’s broad enough (no pun intended) to incorporate their strengths
Jeanine and Kayla: Hip hop might be interesting here and Contemporary would be battle of technique and strength. (This pairing makes me worried for Jeanine because I feel like Kayla could definitely outdance her depending on the choreography. If this was a Wade Robson routine, it would take both acting and skill to make it a great piece where I think Jeanine might outshine Kayla. It’s just whether or not their connection with each other and to the audience will be achieved)

Top 4 dance: Something with a lot of power. I have a feeling these are amongst the Strongest dancers we’ve had. Chuck full of muscles from top 6 and down.

Personally, I don’t have many preferences for this one. My only thought would be that I’d love to see Brandon and Evan do a Krump battle of some sort. Put Lil’ C with the cliche broadway white boy and the muscular black boy and I think they could create a pretty entertaining Krump battle. I mean the difference between what Brandon and Evan would do would be hilarious and great to watch I think.

What styles would you like to see from our top 4?