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New CD from OONA (Dave Tweedie + Oona)

I just stumbled upon a feature on “Shhhhout!” Shhhhout! - Oona the new cd from OONA, which is actually both Dave Tweedie and Oona Garthwaite.

Read up on Oona and Dave first started making music together. There’s also a few photos of Oona, like the one below, and a sample of some of the songs from “Shhhhout!” Shhhhout! - Oona

I like this quote from Oona especially:

In December 2009, after a single they wrote and recorded, “Tore My Heart,” was featured on “So You Think You Can Dance,” it sold more than 35,000 single downloads on iTunes.

“It did really well because it was in 10 million people’s living rooms,” Oona said this week. “It’s interesting what that show can do for music because it puts these choreographers and dancers together and by virtue of that, it also puts the music center stage. Not the worst thing.”

Check it out!

January 14, 2011 I Written By

Dave and Oona on SYTYCD Tonight!

UPDATE: Here’s the full version of Oona’s “Tore My Heart” on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart that was just posted.

Our readers are so smart and on it, as I was just telling John earlier today. On the 28th, Andrea wrote a comment on the Dear Dave Tweedie post to tell us:

Just heard a full length version of “Tore My Heart.” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart Loved it! Make sure to watch this Tuesdays SYTYCD. The fans of Dave Tweedie and Oona will be pleased.

Today, Oona and Dave sent a message to John to say:

“TORE MY HEART” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart will be featured tonight on SYTYCD – in a dance choreographed by Sonya Tayeh – not just the snippet previously released, but the full-length version.

We’ll be releasing TORE MY HEART in its full-length glory on iTunes – it should be up no later than tomorrow. Please direct traffic to – we’ll keep you updated…

Just, you know, thought you might be interested
Oona & Dave

You can be sure that I’ll be keeping my ears peeled tonight and will link to the song on iTunes as soon as it becomes available! Thank so much to Andrea for the head’s up and to Oona and Dave for continuing to keep us in the loop. We love y’all and hope to see lots more full length tunes on the show!
December 1, 2009 I Written By

Quick Dave Tweedie (SYTYCD Composer) Update

I think most readers of this blog are fans of the music on SYTYCD. Many of whom LOVE the music of Dave Tweedie. In case you missed our previous post about Dave Tweedie composing music for SYTYCD, you should check it out.

Fans of Dave Tweedie’s music (and there are a lot of you), will be excited to know that Dave Tweedie and Stephen Bradley (He sang on Weight of the World – free download from Pure SYTYCD) have put an album of their music on iTunes under the name Chocolate O’Brian. Here are the tracks:
The Candle ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - The Candle
International ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - International
Sol y Luna ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Sol y Luna
Old ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Old
Beautiful Tomorrow ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Beautiful Tomorrow
Hero’s Welcome ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Hero's Welcome
Dr. jeckyll ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Dr.jeckyll
Spider and the Fly ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Spider and the Fly
Hitting the Wall ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Hitting the Wall
Oxidize ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Oxidize
Apple ChocolateO'Brian - chocolateobrian - Apple

Thanks Dave Tweedie for keeping us updated.

November 3, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Dave Tweedie Letter and “The Weight of the World” Free MP3 Download

Many will be very happy to know that the letter Emilie wrote to Dave Tweedie on behalf of SYTYCD music fans WORKED!! In response to the letter and a little bit of outreach to Dave Tweedie and Oona we got the following letter from Dave Tweedie about his music on So You Think You Can Dance:

Hello all, thanks for the interest in my music.

I am a composer for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance – providing background music, and writing songs for the audition process. Here’s how that works: dancers audition with a piece of music of their choosing. The producers decide which dances will be aired on television, and then it is up to the Music Supervisor to get what is called “clearance” for the songs used. There are a number of reasons a song may not clear a license. Perhaps the song uses a sample from another song, an artist may want huge amounts of money, or perhaps the artist doesn’t want their music edited out of sequence – a necessity for the audition process.

So they call me, and I write music to fit the dance. Sometimes these songs take on a life of their own, and I will go ahead and write a full-length version, but often times I will only write the 45 seconds to be used on the show. I am a music lover first and foremost, and I love my job: I get to write all different kinds of music, and although I typically work on these tracks alone, the collaboration lies with the dance itself. I always do my best to capture the sentiment of the dance, and of the song they originally danced to. It is always a challenge.

If you are interested in hearing my full-length, “real” songs, you’ll have to check out my bands! We all work really hard and we love what we do – I promise you will not be disappointed 🙂



Dave Tweedie
Oakland, CA
PS – We’re working on posting the short songs used in the auditions… I’ll keep you posted!

Also, they were kind of enough to make available a free MP3 download of “The Weight of the World” (right click and choose “Save target as” to download the MP3) featuring Steve Bradley (Jet Stream) on vocals.

Mystery solved!! Thanks Dave Tweedie and Oona for sharing your story and the free download. We’ll be looking forward to hearing more of your music and getting access to your short songs as well. I think we might have to set up an interview with Dave Tweedie at some point as well.

October 13, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Dear Dave Tweedie

Dear Mr. Dave Tweedie,

It’s really cool that SYTYCD used six of your awesome songs in the first six episodes. Except it’s really driving SYTYCD fans CRAZY that we can’t find any of them to download! We’re digging that tune “Tore My Heart” you did with Oona Garthwaite that you made available for download on this site, but we really need these other songs too for our re-listening pleasure:

She’s a Star
Louder w/Bijou
Something Sweet Now w/Oona
Weight of the World w/Stephen Bradley

Please, please…won’t you tell us where we can get a download or c.d. of these songs?  Sacrificing my own personal dignity, I’m begging on behalf of all of the SYTYCD fans who’ve written in (and who’ll write in here…hint, hint readers) to say how much they want access to your music. Seriously dude, put us out of our collective misery and give us a download of the songs listed above. Um, please.

We at Pure SYTYCD would be honored to host downloads here on the site, as we did for “Tore My Heart.” (UPDATE: Full version Now available on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart) You can contact us here.

Oh and, p.s. – you rock. Can’t wait to hear more.



Dear SYTYCD Music Fans,

Write in below and tell Mr. Dave Tweedie you want his music!! If you’ve been frantically searching for these songs, let Dave Tweedie know in the comments!



October 7, 2009 I Written By

Free MP3 Download of “Tore My Heart” by Dave Tweedie and Oona from Kelsea Taylor’s Audition

UPDATE: The MP3 below is the partial version of “Tore My Heart.” Here’s the full version of Oona’s “Tore My Heart” on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart

Many have been looking for the audition music for Kelsea Taylor called “Tore My Heart” by Dave Tweedie and Oona, off the album SHHHHOUT!!. Unfortunately, the song isn’t scheduled to be on iTunes and Amazon until the June time frame.

Luckily for all of you, Oona and Dave Tweedie have offered Pure So You Think You Can Dance readers a free short version mp3 download of “Tore My Heart” by Dave Tweedie and Oona, off the album SHHHHOUT!! (right click and choose “Save target as” to download the MP3) We’ll update this post with the full length version on iTunes and Amazon as soon as it’s available.

Here’s some more good Oona links:
Oona’s MySpace
Oona’s Facebook
Oona’s Twitter

Also, check out the video of Kelsea Taylor’s performance to “Tore My Heart” from SYTYCD.

May 29, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?