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Top SYTYCD Music of 8/8-8/15

This is the last of the weekly Top SYTYCD music posts EXCEPT for one very special upcoming post where I’ll profile the top songs of the entire season – with a personalized surprise. 🙂

Top SYTYCD Music of 8/8-8/15:
1. DeVotchka’s “How It Ends” – How
2. Basement Jaxx ft. Kelis, Meleka and Chipmunk’s “Scars” – Scars
3. Joshua Radin’s “Sundrenched World” – Sundrenched
4. Kosheen’s “Hide U” – Hide
5. Anouk’s “Lost” – Lost
6. Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules’s “Mad World” – Mad
7. Cinematic Orchestra’s “That Home” – That
8. Astor Piazolla’s “Oblivion” – Oblivion
9. Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” – Everywhere [Speaking of Lissie, I just got her album “Catching the Tiger” in the mail and it’s fantastic!]
10. Tom McRae’s “You Only Disappear” – You

And your lagniappe (cause they were all pretty close this week):

11. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s “Wasted Time” – Wasted
12. Roisin Murphy’s “Sinking Feeling” – Sinking
13. Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” – Tightrope
14. Black Gold’s Season 7 elimination song “Shine” – Shine
15. Telepathe’s “Lights Go Down” – Lights
16. Coldplay’s “Fix You” – Fix
17. Project Jenny, Project Jan ft. So Percussion’s “You Said” – You from my “I Hear Music” suggested music post
18. Kate Earl “Impossible – Impossible, also from my suggested music post
19. Caravan Palace’s “Suzy” – Suzy
20. Kanye West’s “Power” – Power

And because the list has to end somewhere, I’ll cut it off there. Keep an eye out for my “Top SYTYCD Music of Season 7” post with special surprise and, in the meantime, you can check out all Season 7’s music here.

August 15, 2010 I Written By

Top SYTYCD Music of 8/1-8/8

We’re almost near the end of the Season 7 and we’ve seen a lot of great music. Last week, I listed the Top SYTYCD Music during the previous week and I’m doing it all over again here and now.

Top SYTYCD Music of 8/1-8/8:
1. DeVotchka’s “How It Ends” – How
2. Anouk’s “Lost” – Lost
3. Basement Jaxx ft. Kelis, Meleka and Chipmunk’s “Scars” – Scars
4. Kosheen’s “Hide U” – Hide
5. Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” – Everywhere
6. Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope” – Tightrope
7. Tom McRae’s “You Only Disappear” – You
8. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s “Wasted Time” – Wasted
9. Astor Piazolla’s “Oblivion” – Oblivion
10. Roisin Murphy’s “Sinking Feeling” – Sinking

And your lagniappe:
11. Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules’s “Mad World” – Mad
12. Telepathe’s “Lights Go Down” – Lights [Due to special circumstances, I accidentally left this one off the list. It’d actually be #10, but I’m gonna stick in as 9.5]
13. Lil Jon and LMFAO’s “Outta Your Mind” – Outta
14. Black Gold’s “Shine” – Shine
15. Kate Earl “Impossible – Impossible, also from my suggested music post
16. Katie Thompson’s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” – Heaven
17. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over” – When
18. Florence + the Machine’s “The Drumming Song” – Drumming
19. Project Jenny, Project Jan ft. So Percussion’s “You Said” – You from my “I Hear Music” suggested music post
20. Melissa Etheridge’s “Fearless Love” – Fearless

I know my lagniappe doubled the main list this week, but the second half of this list were all pretty close, so I just had to include them all.

I’m surprised that Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” Jar isn’t on the list this week, since it’s been high up there for so long. But I am surprised to see two songs from my suggested list are still so popular with y’all.

In that vein, look for a super-secret mondo post next week, after the finale and the last Top SYTYCD Music post of Season 7.

And, of course, you can check out all Season 7’s music here.

August 8, 2010 I Written By

Top Music of SYTYCD Season 7 – So Far!

The music has been so incredible already this season, before the live performances even begin!! I thought I would put together a Top 26 (for the number of All-Stars/Contestants) list of songs from the season so far. This is based on YOUR clicks, so it doesn’t count those songs we’re all dying to download, but can’t yet (i.e. Shawn McDonald’s “Hope”).

Maybe you can use this list to make a SYTYCD Season 7 playlist for yourself. 🙂

Season 7’s Top 26 So Far
1. Damien Rice’s “Prague” – Damien Rice - O (Deluxe Version) - Eskimo (w/hidden tracks "Prague" and "Silent Night")
2. Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” – Lissie - Why You Runnin' - EP - Everywhere I Go YAY!!!
3. Sam Sparro’s “Black & Gold” – Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Bonus Track Version) - Black & Gold This song has been popular on SYTYCD before, in Season 6 and on SYTYCD Australia. And, of course, SYTYCD alum Kherington danced to it in the “Fame” remake.
4. Rebecca Sayre’s “New Girl” – Rebecca Sayre - New Girl - New Girl
5. Telepathe’s “Lights Go Down” – Telepathe - Dance Mother - Lights Go Down
6. Kate Nash’s “Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash - Made of Bricks (Bonus Track Version) - Nicest Thing
7. Itzhak Perlman’s “Theme from Schindler’s List” – Itzhak Perlman - Schindler's List - Theme from Schindler's List (Reprise)
8. Ryan Calhoun’s “Who We Are” – Ryan Calhoun - Everything That I'm Not - Who We Are
9. Portishead’s “The Rip” – Portishead - Third - The Rip
10. As always, Oona’s “Tore My Heart” – Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart from Season 6
11. Jimmy James’ “Fashionista” – Jimmy James - Jamestown - Fashionista
12. Juliana Joya’s “Spinning Around (Ole Ole Ole)” – Juliana Joya - Spinning Around (Ole Ole Ole) - Spinning Around (Ole Ole Ole)
13. Richard Walters’ “The Animal” – Richard Walters - The Animal (Bonus Track Version) - The Animal
14. Anouk’s “Lost” – Anouk - Hotel New York - Lost
15. Ron Pope’s “You’re the Reason I Come Home” – Ron Pope - Daylight - You're the Reason I Come Home
16. Jason Reeves’ “Photographs and Memories” – Jason Reeves - Hearts are Magnets - Photographs & Memories
17. Billy Porter’s “Time” – Billy Porter - At the Corner of Broadway and Soul (Live) - Time
18. TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” – TV On the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain - Wolf Like Me
19. The Audition’s “The Way You Move” – The Audition - Self-Titled Album - The Way You Move
20. Future of the Left’s “Arming Eritrea” – Future of the Left - Travels With Myself and Another - Arming Eritrea
21. Shawn McDonald’s “Take My Hand” – Shawn McDonald - Simply Nothing - Take My Hand, which I linked to instead of “Hope,” which isn’t released yet.
22. Kill Hannah’s “New York City Speed” – Kill Hannah - Wake Up the Sleepers - New York City Speed
23. Max Richter and Dinah Washington’s “This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight” – Max Richter & Dinah Washington - Shutter Island (Music from the Motion Picture) - This Bitter Earth / On the Nature of Daylight from the “Shutter Island” soundtrack.
24. Craig Armstrong’s “Ruthless Gravity” – Craig Armstrong - As If to Nothing - Ruthless Gravity
25. DeVotchKa’s “Queen of the Surface Streets” – DeVotchKa - Una Volta - Queen of the Surface Streets, which I listed mistakingly instead of “And the Winner Is” –
26. Lil Wayne’s “Da Da Da” – Lil Wayne - Rebirth (Deluxe Version) - Da Da Da

The difference between #26 and #27 was only 1 hit, so, a lot of the songs that I didn’t list have also been popular. Like, Juliana Joya’s “Something About You,” Juliana Joya - Something About You - Something About You which came close, but was used later, so it probably hasn’t picked up the steam that “Spinning Around” has. Incidentally, almost all of these songs are now listed first on the artist pages, which leads me to believe all of our traffic is helping the artists, as well!

Want to know what other songs Season 7’s given us so far? As we progress through the season, you can find all the Season 7 music here. Didn’t see your favorite on the list? Love one of the songs? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!!

June 12, 2010 I Written By