SYTYCD: Judges Auditions Part 4

Well last night started off with Jalen Sands auditioning…not introduction, no comments from the judges, and a ticket to the Academy. I’m not complaining about it because Jalen was fun and funky but just felt like a weird way to start the show. Anyways, last nights episode was fun and even has some familiar faces.

Trent & Colton Edwards: Identical twins who have only be dancing for three years. I almost instantly recognized them…they appeared on AGT two years ago. I thought they were just okay then but they have improved so much since then. Regardless of what happens on this show these brothers have a career in some form of entertainment.

Bryan Volozanin “Clocks”: Honestly, sometimes I only half paying attention to some stories but when Bryan mentioned he was apart of the Jabbawockeez show in Vegas…I was like wait…what? It’s kind of nice to see one of them dancing with out the mask on. Bryan has made it to the green mile in the past and I think that should work to his advantage.

Hip hop had its hot streak of dancers getting a ticket to the Academy. Then it was the ballroom hopefuls turn and they brought past top 10 contestants to be their partner.

Sofia Ghavami brought Kiki from season 14

Vlad Kvartin brough Magda from season 15

Annie Lyn Sheketoff brought Ryan(her coach) from season 6

Sydney Burtis: Dance helped her rise above her autism and a tap star was born. I loved her and I love that they mic the taps for this show. Sydney has been fan of the show since she was young and even has D-Trix on her wall.

As I was preparing for the last two audition of the night, there was a storm moving my way. Which means it will affect my satellite signal…and it would be my luck that it did interrupt the show a little bit but thank goodness for the internet.

Jarrod Tyler Paulson: A jack of all trades who just happens to be a dancer. There was just something about his dance style that made want to see him work with Travis Wall. I really want to see more of him.

Madison Jordan: Jarrod’s girlfriend, who has a very different/unique style. I liked her just wish I was able to hear what the judges said about her.

I liked that they auditioned separately but I also liked that Nigel allowed them to dance together.

Looks like next week will be a repeat but hopefully the Academy episodes will begin the following week.