Message from Levels Music Group and Free Download

The premiere episode of SYTYCD Season 8 included 5 songs by Levels Music Group and they’ve had three more in the episodes that have aired since. None of them were available when the shows aired, so I thought it would be a good idea to get in contact with these guys.

Since then, several of the songs have been made available and I’ll include links at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, check out this message from Dylan Berry of Levels Music Group.

Hello Everyone.

THANK YOU for your overwhelming support of the Levels Music Groups songs featured in So You Think You Can Dance!!! We are an independent group of song writers, artists and composers here in Hollywood California creating work for these fine shows. We hear you loud and clear about making our music available on i-Tunes and are on it. You can now find “Brother Brother” and “We Ride On The Wind” by Darnel Alexander, Joe Alley from the season Premier of SYTYCD and episode two. Tomorrow, “So You Think You Can Dubstep” by Dinglesalad from the episode two will be up as well. Also, we are posting the version of “Shake It Low” for free download here (it is short as we have yet to finish full length).
Shake it low by John O, (lyrics – Dylan Berry), Vocals by Dwreck
Also, we will let you know when our music appears in the show each week, so stay posted to this blog and join our twitter if you would be so kind. ALL of our music is independent, unreleased and premiered exclusively on So You Think You Can Dance, so thank you for being the first to pioneer it for us and enjoy it!!!
Best Regards,
Dylan Berry

Atlanta/Oakland Auditions:
Darnel Alexander’s “Brother Brother” – More Than Friends - Darnel Alexander (Deon Lewsa and Damon Bellmon’s audition)
Kenny Wesley’s “The Window” – The Window - The Window - Single (Timothy Joseph’s audition)

Salt Lake City/NYC Auditions:
JC Flow ft. Mr. E’s “Get Some” – Get Some (feat. Mr. E) - Single - JC Flow (Brian “Hollow Dreams” Henry’s audition)

L.A. Auditions:
Dinglesalad’s “So You Think You Can Dance Dubstep” – So You Think You Can Dubstep - So You Think You Can Dubstep - Single (Hero McRae’s audition)
Darnel Alexander’s “We Ride on the Wind” – We Ride On The Wind - Single - Darnel Alexander (Sasha & Natalia Mallory’s audition)