SYTYCD Season 7’s (Probably) Billy Bell Videos

I saw this intriguing Tweet from Ellenore and had to find video of the solo she talked about:

Ellenore Scott Ellenore

@Billy_Bell I saw your Madhatter solo finally…and died. YOU ARE AMAZING. The end. about 18 hours ago via web

And here’s the video!

What I wouldn’t give to see Wade Robson get his hands on Billy Bell in Season 7, after seeing this video. 🙂

And here’s another wonderful solo from Billy Bell with a great song – “Just Dance” by Gary Go Gary Go - Gary Go (Bonus Track Version) - Just Dance (feat. Mr Dialysis) [Bonus Track]

I think Billy Bell deserves an automatic spot in Season 7’s Top 10, considering he’s almost an All-Star already, but I can appreciate the SYTYCD folks following rules and such. 🙂 I feel for those Season 7 contestants – they better be ready to bring it. Billy Bell already has just as much of a following as Jakob Karr did last season, if not more.

As for a Season 7 Ellenore-Billy match up?

Ellenore Tweeted this:


TheCliffordShow RTWhat if @Billy_Bell and @Ellenore get paired together in season 7?! Epic or Epic? -Me and Billy would love that!!! heehee about 18 hours ago via web

And Billy re-Tweeted it as well. As you can see from my All-Star choices, I’m all for this pairing. 🙂