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8 rounds of Vegas Call-Backs

It’s been a while since I posted, I used to cover the SYTYCD Canada show, until it was sadly cancelled.

I have been watching the SYTYCD USA auditions, but I have to say, Vegas week is my most favourite and it inspired me to write a little something about the eight rounds we watched tonight.

8 rounds:
Hip hop
Final solos

I appreciated seeing the various choreographers testing the dancers in a variety of genres, much like the live shows will go. I wanted to talk about each round a bit.

1. Solos
This is usually boring for me because it is mostly a refresher of what each dancer can do and a catch-up for judges who perhaps didn’t see them dance in their hometown auditions. There were a few stand outs and a few cuts, but as a viewer this part doesn’t interest me too much. Sometimes there is a new dancer who wasn’t highlighted at a previous audition, so it’s nice to get to know more about the contestents style.

2. Hip Hop
I love Twitch and Comfort, who choreographed this round. I hope we get to see more past contestents as choreographers this season. The routine was funky and as Comfort said, very “ATL” It had that Atlanta, southern swag and was fun to watch.

3. Broadway
Tyce DiOrio is intense. This routine had a great story. I loved the idea of the drink of “water” making everyone go a bit crazy. It was fun, but youc ould see who took on the character and who was just dancing the moves. Broadway certainly needs more character and the dancers who got that component were far more enjoyable to watch.

4. Jazz
Sonya Teyeh choreographed. She is so awesome! One of my favourites, I love her strangeness. What I adore about her choreography is the way it lets the unique, quirky stylistic dancers shine.

5. Groups
This is by far my most favourite part of Vegas. I really hope one day to go to the taping of this part of the show. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see a lot of the overnight drama and practicing and brainstorming and idea sharing. It is entertaining to see all the drama that kicks in with lack of sleep and bubbling personalities. I am really upset we didn’t get to see more drama from the night, but I was impressed with the routines that aired.

They formed their own groups of 5-6 people then picked a piece of music at random and had all night to practice and perform in the morning.

6. Ballroom
Jason Gilkison takes the remaning dancers through choreography for the Cha Cha. It is challenging but the dancers do pretty well. I love seeing non-ballroom dancers take on this challenge. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be.

7. Contemporary
Travis Wall leads the rest of the dancers through a beautiful routine. I love Travis and this was stunning. Some dancers couldn’t handle it, but what I like about this round is that dancers who are so exhausted really push to make it through this final round… or they do not. It seems to show the most passionate dancers. Nigel announced that judges would not share who was going through and who was not until they had seen all dancers. It was intense.

8. Final Solos
Unlike the opening solos which I don’t care much for most of the time, these final solos are awesome to watch. You see some true superstars and of course they highlight the best of the best on air. There are, however, still some cuts to be made and it is sad to see some favourites head home… some of them, again.

Which round is your favourite to watch? Any stand out dancers? Favourite Choreographers?

What do you like best about Vegas week?

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Interview with SYTYCD Winner Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak

The following is an interview with Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak at the So You Think You Can Dance tour Las Vegas press event. Lots of interesting things about Jeanine and Evan’s experience on the tour and Evan admits to getting laid. Jeanine talks about the pulled muscle in her chest. Evan talks about his brother, Ryan, and what it would be like for Ryan to choreograph on SYTYCD. Then, they both talk about their plans for after the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Interview with Melissa Sandvig and Randi Evans at SYTYCD Las Vegas Tour Stop

The following is the second interview in a 3 part series. This interview was a lot of fun since I got the chance to interview the two married girls. They said this was the first time they’d ever been interviewed together. They were incredibly nice and it was fun to meet them.

In the interview, I ask them about having babies and being away from their husbands so much. They talk about the Kupono party bus and other SYTYCD tour adventures. Then, they talk about their plans for the future. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Phillip Chbeeb and Jason Glover Interview at SYTYCD Las Vegas Tour Stop

The following is a video interview I got to do at the SYTYCD Las Vegas tour press event. It was quite the experience for me. As you’ll notice I’m far from a pro at this stuff. However, I think I held my own for being a blogger. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the interviews (yes, this is the first one and I’ll be posting the other interviews with Melissa Sandvig, Randi Evans, Evan Kasprzak and Jeanine Mason throughout the day today.

In the following interview, I ask Jason about his new girlfriend (Janette Manrara) and his plans for her birthday. I also ask about Jason kissing all the girls during the tour. Phillip talks about his girlfriend. Then, they both talk about their plans after the So You Think You Can Dance tour wraps up. Enjoy the interview of Phillip Chbeeb and Jason Glover.

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Live Stream from So You Think You Can Dance Las Vegas Tour Stop

UPDATE: Looks like the Live Stream to Qik didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. However, my other camera seems to have worked great. I’ll post the videos over the next couple days. It was a lot of fun. I got to interview: Jeanine, Evan, Randi, Melissa, Jason, and Phillip. I’ll see about the meet and greet tonight as well (if the wife is up for it).

I’m hoping to be able to do a live stream of the So You Think You Can Dance Las Vegas tour stop. We’ll see if the technology works the way it should and if they don’t stop me from doing it. So, if you’re available you can check out the video on Qik. I think you can also send me messages through it too, but it’s my first time using it so we’ll see how it works.

I’m set to start at 3:00 PM PST (if everything goes as planned). I’ll probably try and do a test one before 3:00 to see if it all works.

Wish me luck!!

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Need Questions for So You Think You Can Dance Las Vegas Tour Stop

I’m super lucky that on Saturday I have the chance to go to the press event before the SYTYCD Las Vegas tour stop (Thanks Emilie). Watch the blog this weekend and early next week for pictures and video from the event. Plus, I’m going to try and stream some video of the event live on this blog using a program called Qik. I’ll try and post the link to the video before I start streaming. I’ll also send out a tweet to @tvblog when I start streaming live on Qik. You should be able to see it all streamed live at TVBlog on Qik. If you go there now you can see the test video I did. I think there’s also a way that you can send me questions live using Qik too, but I haven’t tried that functionality yet.

Looks like the press session starts around 3:00 PM PST (6 PM EST). So watch for the live stream during that time frame. Also, I’m not yet sure who will be at the press event (since they rotate who’s doing press), but if you have questions you’d like me to ask the Five Alive crew, then leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to ask them during the event.

Can you tell I’m excited? I’m a little nervous as well, but it should be a lot of fun and an experience to remember.

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