Nigel’s Comments About Karen Hauer’s “Sensuality”

So i know we’ve talked and talked about what Nigel said to Nathan, but something that struck me last night as I was watching the hilarious Michael Ausiello from EW talking about SYTYCD was how sexist what he said to Karen was during the results show. He told her that younger female contestants would be “intimidated by her sensuality” and her face just fell.

They seem to be wanting to portray her as the “sexpot” divorcée, and I feel like that’s exactly the opposite of who she is. If you’re going to call her out, then call Ryan out, I mean, the guy looks like a Greek adonis and I didn’t hear Nigel calling him out for being “intimidating” to the younger guys! Don’t get me wrong, I think Karen is beautiful and she is a wonderful dancer. Unfortunately I think the way that they’re portraying her is not only hurting her vote-wise, but I think it’s hurting Kevin as well that they basically keep saying, “you were great, but your partner was better and she looked totally hot.”

Am I alone in my crazy thinking here?