Another So You Think You Can Dance Twitter Round Up

My previous SYTYCD twitter roundup was so popular that I decided to do it again. Here’s a quick look at some of the best, most interesting, entertaining and fun tweets from around the SYTYCD twittersphere.

MJ Tribute on SYTYCD
The big news on the Twittersphere was Nigel trying to put together a Michael Jackson tribute. Of course, SONY seems to be not clearing Michael’s music. Here’s the important tweets about it:
From Nigel (@dizzyfeet) @PaulaAbdul Will you choreograph an MJ tribute for us this week?

From Paula (@PaulaAbdul) @dizzyfeet Have your people call my people Nigel and let’s do it! lol

From Nigel (@dizzyfeet) @PaulaAbdul I would get my people to call yours? But I have 2 issues. 1. I don’t know who your people are? 2. I haven’t got any people? xox

From Adam Shankman: Wade Robson started out dancing for MJ, so he should be heavily involved. MJ was a game changer.

From Shane Sparks: Today is my birthday and Micheal Jackson dies this is a sad day;(

From Nigel (@dizzyfeet):
At the same time as auditioning we’re trying to put together a major tribute to him Michael’s music works in every dance genre for the show
Mia has chosen the song she likes, we’ve spoken to Wade. I’ve left messages for Paula. I’ve spoken to Shane. We have to make this happen!!?
There is a problem clearing Michael’s music at the moment. We are trying to make contact with Sony to get clearance on an all Michael SYTYCD

Adam Shankman sent the following tweets:
Remember: very big announcement on weds sytycd show! It’s gonna be an intense week’! Totally excited.
Seriously? Is Adam just screwing with us? I wonder what could be “very big.”

Nigel sent the following tweets:
I’m pleased to tell you all, that Mary hasn’t seen Sex in months!!! No Sex in Boston. No Sex in Atlanta. No Sex in New Orleans or Phoenix.
I’m sure that Nigel was referring to sex the dancer, but I have a strong feeling that both meanings are true. Ok, I’m a bit biased since Crazy Mary drives me absolutely bonkers *mute*

We’ve finished auditions, hooray! Things are back to normal. I hope?
Yes, that’s the end of SYTYCD season 6 auditions. You’ll have to wait another year if you didn’t audition already.

Nigel also tweeted a few pictures of Mary and Mia making some ugly faces. Too ugly to post here. Plus, one had Mia’s cleavage and that’s just wrong. I could never submit my readers to that.

From Your Buccness (Lil C)
On my way to the krump session!!!!! Why is there traffic rite now?!?? I’m tryna get my bucc on
Has anyone gone to see one of Lil’ C’s krump sessions? If I’m ever in LA I’ve got to try and check it out. I wonder how it would be for a little white boy like myself to go.

From Nappytabs
Tab is working on a new t-shirt design. Anyone out there who is a GREAT graphic illustrator/artisit who wants to do a free design for us?
The power of twitter. From there responses it looks like they got lots of replies. Of course, we have some dance t-shirts as well.

A quick one from a fan favorite Natalie Reid:
Just got back from mopeding through the lava flow in Maui. So freaking cool!
I use to be sad the way they kicked you off. However, now that I know your in Maui. I no longer feel sorry for you.

Certainly many more I could post. Also, make sure that you are following @tvblog and @puresytycd to get all of my tweets about SYTYCD and other TV shows.