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Odd and Random SYTYCD – Best and Worst Judges

It’s kinda like John secretly wrote this New York Post article, because Nigel landed at #4 on the Best Judges list and Mary Murphy is smack dab in the middle of the Worst Judges list at #3.

4. Nigel Lythgoe, “So You Think You Can Dance”

Nigel Lythgoe was behind-the-scenes on “American Idol” until 2008, when he made the move to judge “So You Think You Can Dance” (which he co-created). There, the firm-yet-fair Brit puts his school-trained dance background to good use by giving helpful advice without resorting to unnecessary snarkiness, making him the anti-Simon.

April 22, 2010 I Written By

New York Post Calls for Mary Murphy to Dial It Down

I’ve been calling for Mary Murphy to dial it down as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance for a few years now. Everyone that reads this blog knows how I feel. I’m glad to see that my feelings abour Mary Murphy are shared by the New York Post in this article. Granted, they’re a little more politically correct in how they say it, but the feeling is there. The final section of the article summarizes Mary Murphy’s problems quite well:

Murphy certainly has the knowledge and the experience to be a sharp judge on the show, particularly of the ballroom-style dances, which are her forte.

But for every thoughtful comment about the flow and quality of a dancer’s movement, Murphy gives us one like: “Achoo! I’m allergic to down feathers, what can I say. But I wasn’t allergic to that routine!”

If this were Murphy’s only flaw, we could chalk it up to “hearty enthusiasm” and call it a day. Alas, it is not so.

She also has a nasty penchant for reaffirming her own statements, as in, “What you are selling there, I am buying, yes I am!”

And when she isn’t struggling to move her Botox-tempered eyebrows, she may very well turn on the waterworks and sob over a dance that touched her.

During auditions, she bawled over contemporary dancer Brandon Bryant’s performance, saying, “If you don’t make it to the Top 20, I think I’ll just die this year.” (Sniff, sob.)

Bryant made it. Our ears are not so lucky.

It’s too bad that her cringe-worthy antics cause many to hit the mute button whenever it’s her turn to critique a dance.

Credit to @bookwomanblue for pointing me to this article.

July 1, 2009 I Written By

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