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Top 5 Most Disliked SYTYCD Contestants

It’s the offseason of SYTYCD and so I decided that I’d start making some lists related to the various dancers from the past 6 SYTYCD. Plus I’m at McDonald’s with my son and so what else should I be doing while he has the time of his life on the playplace? Exactly.

I figured I’d start this out with a bang and make a list of the most disliked dancers ever on SYTYCD. Granted this is a bit difficult to evaluate, but I think most people on the list are pretty obvious.

It is also worth mentioning that many of these dancers had a LOT of fans that adored them as well (including myself for a few). However, in most cases for every one that loved them there were also plenty of haters. I also should add that this doesn’t mean that the dancers on this list aren’t amazing dancers. In fact, all of them are outstanding. However, outstanding dancers doesn’t mean people like you.

Now to the list…

1. Danny Tidwell – Danny is a great example of someone who had a ton of fans, but also a ton of haters. The knock on him was that he was seen as arrogant and “entitled.” I personally think he was arrogant. He was a great dancer and knew it. Compare him to Jakob Karr who was great technically as well, but was always super humble. Had Danny been so humble he probably would have won his season.
2. Blake McGrath – I didn’t even see this season of the show, but the internet archives I’ve read show that people really didn’t like Blake on the first season. He was arrogant and wore it on his sleeve. In fact, he still does. At least you know who he is, but Blake definitely had plenty of haters.
3. Lacey Schwimmer – Lacey is a really interesting case. She had to be in her brother’s shadow a bit even though she was very different. She was also partnered with no 1 on this list. Not to mention her rawness and unique qualities along with how proud she was of her uniqueness all combined to have many people not like Lacey.
4. Will Wingfield – See Danny’s desription and it was the same storyine, but not quite as strong. Brandon Bryant almost fell into this group also, but was able to avoid it with a killer solo and a little more humility. Brandon can likely thank Mia for that.
5. Ivan Kourmaev – Most people loved Ivan until he started staying on the show “longer” than people thought that he should. As people who were more “talented” than him went home people started to really dislike Ivan and want him off. Not his fault for defying odds.
6. Legacy – This is similar to Ivan, but Legacy did grow a little more than Ivan did on the show and so the dislike wasn’t quite as strong.
7. Kayla Radomski – Perfect technically and lack of personality was the gripe by many. White lightning still had a huge fan base, but many people wanted her off despite her technical prowess. I also think many women were jealous of her incredible legs. I don’t blame them. If I were female I’d be jealous too. Since I’m not she was one of my favorites.
8. Paris Torres/Tony Bellissimo – Paris was on for such a short time that people couldn’t make a real judgment, but for some reason people seemed to hate her first impression. People just never thought that Tony even deserved to be on the show.

I’m sure I missed someone since I wrote this on my phone. So, let’s hear who you think should be on this list that isn’t? Would you rank them differently.

P.S. I’ll plan on doing more uplifting lists in the future.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Rant about “Favorite” and “Best,” Peter and Evan

Hi gang –

I’m still mad about the elimination last night! Judging by how many of you have already commented, I probably don’t need a spoiler, but just in case…

Read more..

November 12, 2009 I Written By

Official Statement From Billy Bell’s Family

This is all over the place, but I got it from The official statement from the Bell Family regarding Billy’s withdrawal from the show:

Billy’s family would like to thank all of the fans that came out to show their support for Billy this season. It has been an amazing experience for all of us and has really meant a lot to Billy. We feel like Billy made it through all of the tough auditions and now that the fun was beginning, he has to leave the show. We were all very disappointed when we heard the news and Billy was devastated when his doctors told the show that if he continued to dance on the show before he recovered, he could possibly die. It will take several weeks for him to recover and as a result, he will be unable to return to Juilliard as of right now. We are hoping he will be able to return in the Spring. Billy is still quite ill but was released from the hospital today. He’s feeling better but still needs to rest.

As of right now, Billy is hoping to re-audition for Season 7. He really enjoyed working with the show and had a lot of fun. Although he is sad that he will not be a part of Season 6, he hopes that the producers will allow him to return for the next season. If you would like to wish Billy a speedy recovery, I’m sure he would appreciate it. You can do so by posting on the facebook fan page or his facebook.

Thank you so much for sharing your love and support with our family.
The Bell Family

This does raise an important question. In Mary Murphy’s judge interview, she says that once they’re in the Top 20, a dancer is not eligible to try out again for the show. Poor Paris and Tony and the other couples booted first! Billy performed in the Meet the Top 20, but not any official competition. Should that count? Do you think it will? Personally, I hope we get to see Billy Bell back next season.

October 27, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Dream Couples

It’s a bit early for the Top 10 switcheroo, but having 2 out of 3 eliminations result in new couples has got me thinking.

Who do you think would make interesting couples when the switch does happen (assuming anybody left is still around)? And while we’re at it, do you have a strong suspicion that an eliminated dancer would have faired better with a different partner?

I’m curious to see what would have happened if Paris and Brandon had been partnered. I liked her – she seemed goofy – and I wonder if she could have brought out that side of Brandon that I haven’t seen in him since Natalie got cut Vegas week.

What about Jeanine and Evan? They strike me as a couple that could be really fun and amazing together. Or Kayla and Evan – would that be dance heaven or a total disaster?

Caitlin and Ade could be interesting together. I like her and Jason together, but Ade seems like a good mix of silly and strong and that could be really good for Caitlin.

What would a Tony and Janette pairing have looked like? I almost can’t fathom it. Or Kayla and Tony? Perhaps he could have learned a lot from her, become a stronger dancer and lasted longer.

I like the Randi-Evan pairing a lot, so maybe it’s blasphemous, but what do you think she’d dance like with Jason? Or Phillip? Or Phillip and Kayla?

I’d love to know what you think!

June 28, 2009 I Written By

So You Think You Can Dance Voting Results

I previously posted a poll asking for people to vote for their favorite dancers from the SYTYCD top 20. We’ve had almost 3000 votes on the poll and the results of the poll are quite interesting. Take a look at this chart of the voting results and below it I’ll add some commentary on the results.
So You Think You Can Dance Voting Results
First, I have to of course point out that this poll includes all of the SYTYCD season 5 top 20. Paris and Tony are already gone, but even that’s interesting. Paris was the least popular person and so I guess that’s why no one has come to the site complaining about Paris going home. Tony on the other hand was more popular than Paris, but still was near the bottom.

I’m not surprised at all that Asuka and Vitolio are near the bottom. After their first performance that makes a lot of sense. Ashley for some reason has never been popular. Maksim doesn’t have the looks he needs to be more popular (see Dmitry).

I should mention that the voting results are probably a little bit skewed in Jeanine Mason’s favor since I’ve had a lot of people coming to my site after searching for Jeanine Mason’s name. That said, you have to give Jeanine credit that a lot of people are searching for her name on Google. If they didn’t care about her, they wouldn’t be searching.

Anyone who thinks that Evan doesn’t have a great shot at winning this season is crazy. This poll shows that. Phillip seems to have a nice fan following thanks to his previous performances on the show.

I’m a little surprised that Caitlin Kinney actually got more votes than her partner Jason Glover. I would have thought for sure that he’d be more popular than Caitlin (even if I’m obviously bias to Caitlin myself).  Although, from the looks of it Kayla Radomski is quite popular herself.

Another surprise for me is Pono Aweau sitting in the middle ground. I would have thought he’d be a bit more popular than that. Maybe it will just take some time for people to get to know him. Although with that said, I think he could potentially rub people the wrong way.

All in all, I feel pretty good about these poll results predicting which people will make it to the top 4. We might see one or two people shift a little, but the top slots do seem to be some of the best dancers and the most popular ones as well.

June 17, 2009 I Written By

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Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo’s Elimination Interviews

I should have posted these a while ago, but life’s been a little busy. I’m working on a couple interviews with choreographers now. Of course, that’s all an excuse. I’ll do better after the next eliminations.

Paris Torres Elimination Interview – I love how candid Paris Torres is in this interview. This interview really made me like Paris more than I did before.

Tony Bellissimo Elimination Interview – I love that Tony goes out on a limb and predicts Evan to do well in the competition.

June 16, 2009 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

Saying Good Bye to Tony Bellissimo and Paris Torres

Tonight’s episode really flew by for being a results show. I think that they found a good mix of dancing and drama of who will be sent home. Props to them for that part.

First up, Tony…
I enjoyed watching Tony dance, but he wasn’t over the top good. He was no Ivan to use the comparison that’s been often made. Ivan had this lovable street dancer quality and vibe that I think America learned to really love. Certainly it was Ivan’s time to go, but him and Allison Holker were a nice pair and great to watch. In fact, maybe Allison was the key to Ivan’s success. Tony wasn’t blessed with an Allison Holker for a partner, but someone far less talented (that’s a compliment to Allison, not necessarily a knock to Paris).

In the end, Tony had to go. I’m glad that Nigel and the other judges didn’t try to play the storyline of improved dance. Jonathan going home would have been a travesty. As a side note, I thought his solo was one of the best. I’m sure many of the ladies will miss Tony, but at least you still have Nigel’s good looks.

Now Paris…
Something just wasn’t right about Paris from the start. No I’m not talking about her big chin, I didn’t notice it until later. Anyway, I don’t really know what it was for me, but I never got into Paris. She always just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. What I did like was her drive to dance and her desire to be on the show. As someone said in the comments of this blog (where the real action happens anyway), it’s like we saw her heart break on national TV. I have to applaud that kind of passion.

With that said, I’m so glad that the Karla and Asuka remained. I really want to see what kind of performance Asuka can bring to the table since I think Tice really let her down with his choreography.

In other notes…
Shane Sparks is back!! I just can’t wait until he’s choreographing the couple numbers. Love it!!

The Sean Kingston dancers were the worst. Where did he get them? Sean needs to hire one of the choreographers from the show to help him out. I usually prefer the guest artist to have dancers since it’s a dance show. However, if they’re going to be as crappy as they were tonight, then leave them off.

A little bragging…
I was so happy that my So You Think You Can Dance power rankings were dead on with the bottom 3. I’m going to have to plan on making the rankings every week. I hope people enjoy them.

Don’t forget to go and vote for your favorite individual SYTYCD dancer. That poll has some really interesting results.

June 11, 2009 I Written By

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SYTYCD Top 20 Results Show Music

Check out the music used for the solos on the SYTYCD top 20 results show. Shane Sparks is back on SYTYCD!!

Group dance: “Boom Boom Pow” Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) - Boom Boom Pow—The Black Eyed Peas Choreographer: Shane Sparks
Guest dancers: Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo danced an Argentine Tango (Music: “Tangueira” Luis Bravo - Luis Bravo's Forever Tango - Live from Teatro Coliseo Podesta - Tanguera from Forever Tango)
Musical guest: “Fire Burning” Sean Kingston - Fire Burning - Single - Fire Burning—Sean Kingston
Paris Torres: “It Doesn’t Hurt” Katie Thompson - KT LIVE - It Doesn't Hurt—Katie Thompson
Tony Bellissimo: “Early in the Morning” The Gap Band - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Gap Band - Early in the Morning—The Gap Band
Asuka Kondoh: “Did Ya” BoA - BoA - Did Ya—BoA
Vitolio Jeune: “We Belong Together” Gavin DeGraw - Gavin DeGraw - We Belong Together—Gavin DeGraw
Karla Garcia: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” Aretha Franklin - The Best of Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman—Aretha Franklin
Jonathan Platero: “Krazy” Pitbull - Krazy (feat. Lil Jon) - Single - Krazy (feat. Lil Jon)—Pitbull featuring Lil Jon

The Paris Torres montage was to the song “Already Gone” Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted - Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
The Tony Bellissimo montage was to the song “On Your Own” Green River Ordinance - Out of My Hands - On Your Own by Green River Ordinance

As always here’s a link to find the previous SYTYCD music.

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SYTYCD Top 20 Power Ranking

Time to go ahead and do some power rankings of the 10 couples in the So You Think You Can Dance top 20. I was amazed at how hard this would be. I thought for sure it would be pretty easy to find the bottom 3 couples. Instead, I had a difficult time ranking them. Not to mention ranking the top couples. However, here’s the rankings of the strongest couples based on their dancing last night, their popularity (which really matters on SYTYCD) and other factors.

1. Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb – Phillip already has a really strong fan following. Jeanine turns out to be a great partner for Phillip. Between the popularity and their really nice performance last night, I’m placing them at the top of the power rankings.
2. Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak – I almost put these two at the top of the power rankings. Evan is wildly popular. Their dance last night was great to watch and well executed. The only reason I didn’t rank them above Jeanine and Phillip was that I don’t think Randi is more popular than Jeanine.
3. Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover – This couple is a really hard one. I think Caitlin is a pretty polarizing figure with a lot of really big fans and a lot of people that really don’t like her. Jason on the other hand seems to be very popular with a lot of people. Particularly with the ladies and we all know that the ladies vote more than the guys.
4. Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi – The biggest surprise dance of the night. Some people are hating on Melissa for her age, but when you saw them dance you had to be surprised. I know I was and that performance last night probably raised them 2 spots on this power ranking.
5. Kayla Radomski and Max Kapitannikov – Kayla is in a position a bit like Caitlin. A lot of big fans and haters. Max isn’t as sharp as Dmitry or Pasha and that will hurt him. Not to mention the receding hair line won’t get him any votes. A really strong dance last night, but Max was lucky to get his own style. Kayla did a pretty good job keeping up too.
6. Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant – I think these 2 dropped a few places on this list since they got the kiss of death: the foxtrot. It’s not as bad as the quickstep, but close. I think the judges let Brandon Bryant off easy on his performance. His frame was horrible and if it were any other guy Mary Murphy would have been all over him for it. She just has that little thing with Mia going on. The next dance I expect we’ll see the true Janette and Brandon come on. Now doubt Brandon has some faithful fans.
7. Ashley Valerio and Kupono Aweau – I think Kupono was a little unlucky to have Ashley as a partner. They both lucked out and got Wade Robson’s choreography and so they’re going to last. I think Kupono seems to be quite popular and people love him. For some reason people don’t seem to like Ashley very much. I love her story of trying out 4 times, but others don’t seem to have taken to it as much.
———————Line of Death….Known as the Bottom 3———————————
8. Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero – This performance fell a little flat to me. Karla has incredible lines and is beautiful, but she didn’t get the cha cha action which makes the dance special. Something in both of their legs was just missing. I think fans will really grow to love Karla over time, but after that performance I see them in the bottom 3.
9. Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune – Probably the worst performance of the top 20. It was pretty disappointing. No one on the judges panel will say it, but I will. Tyce Diorio’s choreography really let them down. It’s unfortunate because I like both of these dancers. However, they are going to be in the bottom 3 and I think Asuka is likely to be sent home. Paris getting sent home in her place is her only hope I believe.
10. Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo – This couple is so cliche. Beauty queen. Untrained dancer. Dance ending injury. Degree of improvement. etc etc. There performance was enjoyable, but I think it was more due to Tabitha and Napoleon’s choreography than it was their performance. I’d be ok with both of them go home. Just don’t be surprised if Tony is kept around by the judges for the shock and awe factor.

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Vote for Bottom 3 Couples on SYTYCD 2009

I’ve already created a poll for people to vote for their favorite SYTYCD individual dancers (since at the end of the day it is about the individuals). However, even more important at this point is which of the top 20 couples are going to be placed into the bottom 3 and have to dance for their life tomorrow night? Place your vote now for the couples you think will be in the SYTYCD bottom 3 tomorrow night (yes, that means you’re voting for the worst couples from tonight’s SYTYCD top 20).

June 10, 2009 I Written By

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