The Many Faces of Leah Miller

**I started this post in November and forgot about it until tonight….

I was looking at older photos of Leah Miller and she looked much different.

Last season of SYTYCD Canada I couldn’t help but feel like she was in a wind tunnel because her face looked so PULLED back and tight.

She was born in 1981 so she is still VERY young, why is she looking like she has had far too many plastic surgery procedures?

Let’s look at the many faces of Leah Miller….. and tell me what the heck is happening to her face?

   So she starts off fairly normal looking…

 Now, everyone has bad days…. it’s human….


But soon it looks like surgery takes over…..

Tonight’s episode was no different, my friend actually texted me to ask what happened to her face saying she looks like a cat… ha ha ha…. I am not a huge fan of Leah (“lay-uh”) anyways, but I almost feel sad for her, to feel so insecure and pressured to change her already young, beautiful face into – – – a plastic cat-like mask… *sigh*

[Image Source: Google Search]