Odd and Random SYTYCD 4/21/10

First, I just read an MTV.com article that claims Adam Shankman is being considered to direct a “Wizard of Oz” prequel tentatively titled “Oz, The Great and Powerful” and starring Robert Downey, Jr.

Also, in odd and random (and interesting) SYTYCD news, entertainment betting lines are already open for SYTYCD Season 7. Seriously. Though I’m not being a gambler (but one of my roommates was a professional poker player), I find this fascinating. You can check out the betting odds here. Apparently, the odds were Male -150 and Female +110 as of the 14th, though they change every week (no new numbers yet, as far as I can tell).

Washington Post staff writer Sarah Kaufman, who won the 2010 criticism Pulitzer Prize wrote a SYTYCD article last year, which was one of the pieces submitted for Pulitzer consideration. It’s a great read, as proved by this little snippet:

Melissa had the nano-dress, the spiked heels, the hiccupping rhythm. Even so, something was wrong with her cha-cha.

The judges on “So You Think You Can Dance” knew where the fault lay. Melissa is, by training, a ballet dancer, and those polite hips and her tea-at-the-Ritz posture had gotten in her way. No amount of sequins or daringly exposed skin could make up for the fact that her cha-cha needed a mojito. More heft, more hips, more Havana.

Check out this section from the question-and-answer Sarah Kaufman did after winning:

Kensington, MD: I am a big fan. I loved your article on “So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite shows. My husband and I used to subscribe to the Kennedy Center Ballet, and I would check out your review before every show. Thanks so much for your great work!

Sarah Kaufman: Mwah!! Big hug. Thank you. I loved writing that piece. I only hope there will be a spillover from TV dance to live theater dance. Glad to know you’re helping the cause!

What do you think of all these odd STYCYD-related items?