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Wardrobe Rant – So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 18

There is much to rant about that wardrobe deserves it’s own post.

Melanie & Cody

The basic Black was good for Crump, though the vinyl coats were kind of too flashy

Tara-Jean & Everett

She looked amazing in the sexy purple fringe… and uh – what was he wearing? Heh Who cares 😉

Emanuel & Kim

Her knee-high garter get-up was sexy but contrasted his outfit.

Amy & Vincent

His make-up helped emit emotion. I loved this routine I paid very little to their wardrobe.

Jayme & Daniel

I LOVED this outfit. Daniel looked stunning in his hat and vest piece. Loved purple on them both, it was a perfect outfit for the routine.

Anthony & Corynne

the dress was suitable for the genre but seemed to get in the way more than anything. His sheer shirt also suited the arrangement but was a lil too sheer ha ha

Nicholas & Jenna

I loved the old school red jumpsuits. I hardly recognized Jenna with her hair straightened.

Danny & Natalie

The boy undies distracted me. Her hair looked dirty. I think she’s a cute girl, but she was done up horribly tonight.

Austin & Melanie B

Her dress was pretty, white, flowy and jewelled… every princess-girl’s dream. It was fitting to the routine and very angelic.

September 1, 2009 I Written By

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So You Think You Can Dance Canada Eh?

I’m not sure how many of you got a chance to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada last year, but it was awesome. Yes, Canada can definitely dance. Well, the season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada starts today and thanks to some of the Canadian readers of Pure SYTYCD, I’ve decided to launch a blog dedicated to SYTYCD Canada (

Most of the writing on the SYTYCD Canada blog is currently going to be done by Mandy and Max, but I’m sure I’ll hop in on occasion as well. If you’re interested in participating on that blog let us know on the contact us page. We could probably use another voice or two on that blog.

Now, check out some of the posts they’ve already done about SYTYCDC:
So You Think You Can Dance Eh? – I love Eh. It’s so Canadian, eh?
Looking Back at Season 1 of SYTYCDC – A nice quick look at the quality of dance on SYTYCDC. They’re going to be doing a lot more of these posts.
SYTYCD Canada Dancers Getting Smarter and More Versatile – Same is true for the US SYTYCD.
3 Exciting Things About the Return of SYTYCD Canada – I’m good with 1 and 3, but 2 I’m not as excited about.
3 Worst Things about the Return of SYTYCD Canada – They’re jealous of Cat, and they should be.

Of course, we’ll also be sticking with our staple of listing all of the music from So You Think You Can Dance Canada similar to how we’ve done the music for So You Think You Can Dance US.

August 11, 2009 I Written By

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