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SYTYCD Canada Calgary & Halifax Auditions

Tonight was Calgary and Halifax Auditions. Emilie is compiling music lists AJ & I sent her and will post as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let’s look at the actual auditions…

Starting in last season’s favourite dancer, Tara-Jean’s home town of Calgary Leah Miller is outside line dancing with locals “yee haw”

Judges – Jean Marc, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown and guest judge: Stacey Tookey.

Audition Summary:

  • Steven Morton – calls himself a triple threat, loves being on stage, mime, kicks, hilarious, he sang also, which was – interesting. An obvious no, and an odd opening to the show which otherwise had some great dancers.
  • Jo Roy – danced Hip Hop on point, a little different, risky but interesting, “fusion of styles” unique I liked her. She made it right to finals.
  • Devorou Scott – Cutie Patutie crushing on Tre, needs training, was sent to choreo anyways but failed miserably.
  • Christina Schell – From Langley BC, 19, very fun and cute. She was a nice dancer who went to chore.
  • Kevin Howe – Season 1 finalist cut after ballroom, didn’t come back for season 2 because his father passed away, lost 50 pounds and looks great I really like him! He went right to finals!
  • Jera Wolfe – Royal Winnipeg Dance School from Nova Scotia a BBOY turns Ballet dancers, i really liked him alot.
  • Carlena Britch – is from Vancouver and has a funky style. I think he would be good on the show. She went to choreoa nd made it to finals.
  • Angela Benson – Moving Story about Parents in wheelchairs sheis quirky and cute, she went to chore but didn’t make it.
  • Arik Pipestem – Traditional Native Music dancing in his traditional outfit with hoops. He went to choreo and made it – which shocked me. Last time he auditioned he did not make it but he has lost weight since then and trained in other areas, very likable!
  • Arik tried to show Leah Miller, the host, how to dance with the hoops, she had a “fake” tantrum.. she was annoying me as usual, although by the end of tonight’s show I felt differently about her, but we will get to that! It’s her whiney voice that gets on my nerves!!!

    anyways, let’s continue…

  • Julia Harnett and Rufino Rodrigez – danced together, this woman has the most solid calve muscles I have ever seen!! She used to do ballet but now ballroom with him, both go to finals.
  • Nice Montage of bad dancers, again I appreciate that we don’t waste a ton of time on the terribly / joke dancers… though wait for Vancouver, Spandy Andy WILL return….

  • Shelaina Anderson – last year she was the snobby, selfish contestent who let down her group in finals but she is back, with shorter hair and a new maturity. She danced fabulously and I think will do much better this year.
  • Alex Schween – came in doing hip hop and as devestated when Luther Brown criticized her. She went to choreo and made it… I don’t think she will make the show but who knows.
  • Edgar Gilbert – Reyes –I really like this guy. He worked with Blake McGrath in his video. He is Smooth, fun, charismatic, has a nice look, and agood groove
  • Danielle Gardner – Sheis from Surrey, BC (I am bias to BC contestents sorry, Vancouver born and raised) I loved her song (LYKKE LI – TONIGHT) and I remember her from last seasons auditions… she has a Lung condition which leaves her short of breat. Since last season she has started new medication which has improved her condition… she is a beautiful dancer – she opened with a crazy twisted position and just stretched the limits – if she can keep her medical condtion under control I think she will do very well.
  • Gary Benthem – School Counsellor out to show his students you can do anything. He shockingly made it to choreo but not mch further, strong effort and great lesson to his students.
  • The second hour was HALIFAX – Auditions

    Guest Judge: Dan Karaty

    This is Natalie Lyons hometown and where Tara-Jean, Francis and Allie auditioned.

  • Yuliya Zavadska & Sharone Levit – just got immigration approved and came to audition.
  • Rebecca Morash – went to choreo, good audition
  • Curtis Jean – went to choreo, barely, and struggled. He walked off the stage during choreo in fact
  • Meaghan Deitrich – She had a condition when she was 16 where her knee caps dislocated. She has had surgery and dances ballet beautifully now. She went to finals.
  • Chris Pelrine – Cheesey Tap Dancer who did not make it through.
  • Krista Mitchnick – She was cute and had a good look for the show but seemed too tight for me, the judges sent her to choreo
  • Janaye Upshaw – I really liked her a lot. She talked about her stage mom and she did a tap routine. I thought she was awesome, the judges said she was comfortable. She went right to finals.
  • Catherine Turcotte – She did Ballroom well but her face bugged me, she did this puffy cheek thing. Judges called her “urban” and Last year auditioned with Vincent but this year solo – went to chore.
  • Leah Miller “keep warm” Boot Camp outside had dancers trying to keep warm.

  • Trevor Johnson – I wasn’t paying attention but he walked out of Blake boot camp so *shrugs*
  • Katiana Pare – lost her father and dances out her emotions, was sent right to finals.
  • Roxanne – the cheerleader from Toronto who forgot her routine. She was sent to choreo but didn’t make it.
  • Here is what changed my mind (slightly) about Leah Miller.

    She did Blake Boot Camp!!!!! I was really shocked – I don’t LIKE her yet, but I don’t hate her as much ha!

    Boot Camp Results:
    Catherine – yes
    Roxanne – no
    Krista – no
    Curtis – quit then had muscle cramps and dehydtration
    Rebecca – yes
    Other “yes” to finals – Tyrell, Gabriel, Alison, Alexandra, alex, allie.

    Tomorrow is the one I am most looking forward too – VANCOUVER!

    Spandy Andy will be back (in fact he has an event at a local pub tomorrow to watch SYTYCD Canada with him – I can’t go I have to work)

    If you don’t know who Spandy Andy is I will post on him… he’s quite the character.

    August 16, 2010 I Written By

    I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog

    So You Think You Can Dance – Season 3 – Toronto Auditions

    Tonight SYTYCD Canada kicked off it’s 3rd season with Toronto auditions.

    I am quite excited that SYTYCD is on all week and by next Sunday we will get our Top 20 reveal. I feel like this keeps all the dancers fresh in my mind and doesn’t waste a ton of time on auditions.

    Toronto is like our Vegas and all the best dancers across the country will meet back there for finals which will air Thursday. [SEE THIS WEEK’S TELELVISION SCHEDULE HERE]

    Tonight’s Thoughts on Toronto’s Auditions.

    Tonight’s Judges were Jean Marc, Tre Armstrong, Luther Brown, AND Special Guest Mary Murphy

    Host is Leah Miller, who I don’t like at all… so apologies in advance to her fans, I just find her annoying!

    Here were the featured dancers and some thoughts.

  • Amanda Cleghorn – Straight to finals
  • Aneal Ramkissoon – Bollywood routine, but was told to get more training
  • Jenna Speir – Went to Choreo
  • Ajamu Freezy Everlsey – great dancer
  • Yana Gorodjanova – back from last year, unique dominatrix style routine
  • Roxanne Mignacco – great moves
  • Sarah Vance – 100th invetro baby, went to choreo then to finals
  • Rodrigo Basurto – choreo then finals. He had taken ballet with Shavar to improve, cute montage of them in ballet slippers.
  • Shavar Blackwood – straight to finals, understandably
  • Christian Cee Ancheta – unitard boy – wearing same unitard as last year, said he wore it everyday and trained everyday, it paid off he went straight to finals.
  • Caroline Holody – Cute outfit, wants to impress Jean Marc – went to choreo then finals
  • Alvin Collantes – had an emotional season 2 audition and returned this year to dance for himself after proving to his parents last year dancing was worth pursuing. He has magical movements and strength, went straight to Toronto and an immediate favourite of mine.
  • Enisa Mulic – Luckily, one of the only “bad” dancers they spent any time on (besides a “bad dancer montage” that followed her audition) I was glad, I don’t enjoy watching tons of horrible dancers)
  • Kirstie Kennan – So incredible, her grandma passed away, her mom is sick and her dancing just lets it all out! Went to Choreo then Finals. She had this robotic, yet fluid movement, such passion!
  • Jonathan (JR) Roumain – Former figure skater, I am always hesitant with the cross over though Emmanuel did it amazingly.
  • Brothers Dane Gulston and then Dwayne Boneless Gulston – both went to finals doing awesome hip hop.
  • Charlene Hart – is from Abbotsford BC, she is the one who had her shirt fall off during last year’s auditions, she was sent t choreo then finals.
  • Nisheeth Proshanti – Indian traditional dance and song went to chore but did not make it, one of the few who didn’t.
  • Jesse Wafer – He has done Criss Angel’s Show and heis amazing!
  • Matthew Cuff – was vogue-ing and barely made it to choreo but somehow made it to finals after choreo
  • Nina Strazzula – did acrobatics and was pretty awesome.
  • Jennifer Abbey – hard-hitting went to chore then to finals.
  • Andrew Chung – very confident but backed it up, I really liked his dancing, I hoe he can keep his confidence from being cocky! Went straight to finals
  • Graeam Goodhall – a Street runner from season 1 who has improved his dancing. He didn’t showcase it well and was sent to choreo and then finals. He will have to bring it in finals to go on.
  • Lisa Frias – it is her 3rd time auditioning and she isn’t that strong yet in my opinion but she was sent to chore and then to finals, but I think she will struggle… very likable and sweet though.
  • Patrizia Gianforcaro – her nerves didn’t seem as bad as they made them out to be, in fact, she seemed quite confident. She is really camera cute and would be great on the show I think. I would love to see Sean Cheesman choreo her!
  • Blake Bootcamp

    I am a huge Blake fan, I think he is adorably cute, I just wish he’d keep his mouth shut ha ha…. he comes across really egotistical and cocky, to be fair, he is AMAZING!! I love his “Ca ca boom ha ha” as he hits moves… “If you aren’t sweating, I don’t care what the judges say, I’ll send you home”

    A shocking amount of dancers made it through the Boot Camp.

    My faves from tonight:

  • Alvin
  • Jesse
  • Andrew
  • Patrizia
  • Nina
  • I was focussingon music to send to Emilie so I may have overlooked some great dancers… who were your faves?

    Emilie is working on the music from tonight, it will be a very busy week here is the schedule once again:

    Monday, August 16 at 9 p.m. ET (two hours) – Calgary and Halifax Auditions
    Tuesday, August 17 at 8 p.m. ET (one hour) – Vancouver Auditions
    Wednesday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET (two hours) – Montreal Auditions
    Thursday, August 19 at 9 p.m. ET (two hours) – Finals Week
    Sunday, August 22 at 9 p.m. ET (one hour) – Top 20 Reveal
    Monday, August 23 at 9 p.m. ET (two hours) – Top 20 Performance
    Tuesday, August 24 at 8:30 p.m. ET (half hour) – Top 20 Results

    August 15, 2010 I Written By

    I am a blogger and reality tv lover. I blog here for SYTYCD but mostly the Canada version, since I live in Vancouver BC. I also blog about other reality tv shows on my own blog