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Top 12 Power Rankings

Hard to believe that we are down to the top 12 dancers already, which means the all stars will be joining in on the fun soon. Another fantastic opening number, choreographed by Sonya and Dmitry, I love when ballroom and other styles are fused together. Before we learn who is in the bottom six we learn that Curtis has injured his shoulder and will not be able to dance this week, Unfortunately for Curtis he lands in the bottom six along with Alan, Nico, Makensie, Alexis, Jasmine H. Alexis and Curtis were the unlucky two that were sent home, and like the judges each cut get harder to deal with because of the emotional connections.

Before I get to my rankings I figured I’d mention the two small group numbers. I love both of them, I tend to just enjoy those dances rather than try to find something wrong. Also, it was nice to see Spencer and Leonardo fill in for Curtis; I enjoyed seeing the choreographers dance.

Top 4

Hayley & Leonardo: Hayley absolutely nailed this tango, and Leonardo made her look really good. Sadly, I don’t think this dance would have been as good had Curtis been able to perform. This was the stand out performance for me tonight.

Jasmine & Aaron: Justin came up with a great concept loved they were able to work with the apple and make it through the performance without dropping it. Over just love seeing these two dance together. I had a feel they would save Jasmine at the beginning of the show but this helped save her.

Amy & Fikshun: The moment the song started, I was excited about the dance. There really isn’t anything I can really critique them on other than what Nigel pointed out about having similar characters.

Malece & Alan: Wow talk about a fast salsa, Jonathan gave these two a big challenge. They pulled it off nicely but poor Malece ran out of steam at the end. I don’t think that she has to worry about being in danger next week but Alan might even though this was more his style of dance.

Bottom 3

Makensie & Paul: Okay, Why did I not realize that Paul was the one that won the Armenian version of the show. I think I’ll blame it on getting older and not paying a lot of attention as much as I should to the early auditions. Anyways these two dance great last night but I just didn’t care for or maybe the moves and the music didn’t mesh well for me.

Alexis & Nico: I was not a Soyna fan tonight. I really don’t know why the dancers danced great but the choreography was just wasn’t for me.

Jenna & Tucker: Yeah hip-hop is not their thing but they gave it a good try. They just didn’t have their right amount of attitude that was needed for the dance.

Bottom 6

Alan, Tucker, Nice, Jenna, Makensie, and Malece

July 31, 2013 I Written By

Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

Top 18 Power Rankings

Sorry this is late my computer battery completely died last night so I had to rewrite this entire post at work today.

We start the show off with another great opening number choreographed by Tyce. Anyone else try to guess who the choreographer is before Cat announces his or her name?

Looks like they decided to change up the format from last year by having the eliminations at the top of the show. I’m not too crazy about it but with no results show there isn’t too many options. That being said; Mariah, Carlos, Brittany, Jade, Makensie, and Alan landed in the bottom 3 girls and guys. The judges saved Makensie and Alan right away, leaving the other four to dance for their life. I really wasn’t all that impressed with the solos. Carlos and Brittany fell victim to the first cut last night…sad to see them go but happy to still see them dance one more time.

Now on to the dancing, and it seemed the choreographers stepped up their game making my job harder. Here are my thoughts on last night.

Top 3

Jasmine & Aaron: Nappy Tabs created another fantastic lyrical hip-hop. I felt that they both tapped into the emotion of the dance and really made it come to life. Jasmine did seem outshine Aaron but not by much.

Makensie & Paul: This was my favorite dance of the night and I’ll admit I watched it about five more times last night. Sean created a fun jazz to show off a new side of Paul and Makensie. I really hope these two are safe.

Amy & Fik-Shun: There is just something about these two pair together I just love. I loved the bellhop theme, and the looked like they were having fun. I really don’t have much more to say other than I ‘d like to seem them get a genre outside both of their comfort zones.

Middle 4

Alexis & Nico: Such a beautiful sequel to the original dance (season 7 Robert & Kathryn). I think they redeemed themselves in the judges’ eyes after last week. Alexis was unsure if she could be able to pick up where Kathryn left off, but she did. Nico is going to be one of those dancers that I can watch dance all day.  Now I want to see these dances done back to back.

Jenna & Tucker: I really like this number despite there not being enough cha cha steps. I would say it learned more towards jazz, but that’s not their fault.  I’m sure they will get another chance at ballroom. Lots of chemistry between them is what helped make the dance more enjoyable.

Jasmine M. & Alan: While it was a fantastic tango, something was just not right. I think Jasmine’s costume really did not work with the dance. While is was pretty I just felt like a longer dress would have kept her lines longer and a darker color would have been nice too.

Hayley & Curtis: I felt like I watched a different dance than the judges did. They both danced well but it was the choreography I didn’t care for, but I also think Christina made a great point too, about dancing to words of the song.

Bottom 3

Mariah & Carlos: I not sure why I didn’t care for this dance, I found it kind of hard to connect with Mariah. She danced well but something was missing for me.

Malece & Jade: I always find the Bollywood numbers to be fun to watch. While the technique wasn’t great they both did a good job. I would have ranked this higher but the other dances overshadowed it.

Brittany & BluPrint: I found myself watching Brittany in this Spencer Lift Broadway routine. This piece would have been great if BluPrint was able to let go and just have fun with the dance.

So who will be in danger of leaving next week?

Girls: Mariah, Hayley, or Jasmine M.

Guys: BluPrint, Jade, and I can’t decide on a third

July 3, 2013 I Written By

Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

SYTYCD 2013 Memphis Auditions Thoughts

Memphis, Tennessee is the final stop on the hometown auditions. Wayne Brady joins Mary and Nigel on the judging panel. I love Wayne and his attempt to channel Lil’ C was a favorite moment for me.

Day One starts off with a member of the Dragon House BluPrint. I’m starting to appreciate the animation style of dance a little more. BluPrint has a different style from Cyrus and I enjoyed him.

Tucker Knox is an amazing dancer with a moving story. It always makes me happy to see someone come back from that type of accident, it really is inspiring even though it sounds kind of cheesy.

Courtney and her dad, loved everything about this audition right down to their lucky pigs. Courtney’s audition is at least for me one of my favorites of the night. I could watch her dance all day. I personally hope to see her in the top 20.

Tonight introduced us to a new cultural dance, the Mongolian Bowl Dance. I love experiencing new dances that I haven’t seen. Very beautiful from the movements to the costume. Love that Mary mentions Phillip Chbeeb, granted for me I thought of that Russian Folk dance. The judges had me fooled for a second because I didn’t think they would have sent her though to Vegas.

Who stood out for you on day one.

Day Two

Didn’t really see the ballroom blitz they refered to but Jenna was great and I can see her on the show.

Novien I liked but I think I needed to see more of his dancing to really have a good opinion of him, but he is a good strong dancer. Maybe the hat is what bothered me.

Now for my other favorite of  the night Caleb. Very entertaining and he reminded me of Will Thomas from last season. Overall a great dancer with a great personality and surprisingly good at hip hop. What can I say I love my nerds…lol.

Jasmine Harper who just happens to be Cryus’s ex-girlfriend. She is a beautiful dancer and I agree with what Wayne said she danced they way Destiny’s Child sang the song. I can see her on the show.

Of course a trip to Memphis wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Elvis and his daughter. Granted Paige was a good dancer but she does need refine her skills a little more to make it to Vegas.

Next week it’s time for the long and grueling week in Vegas.

UPDATE: Here’s Rachel’s thoughts on tonight’s episode:
Wayne Brady! I’m excited to see what he’ll bring to the panel. I remember him from Who’s Line is It Anyway (which is returning to TV in July) and know he can be very funny. I don’t know if he can dance though. He can at least fake a jig and a hoedown though.

Curtis the tapper

Oh I like him. He was so good! His speed and talent were so awesome. He reminds me of Cary Grant a little just in the old fashioned way he presented himself. It was very old school and I really liked it.


I was mesmerized by this dance. She is so graceful and elegant. I’ve never seen this dance before. I might go on a youtubing spree after this. She is so adorable too! I’m wondering how well she’ll adapt to a modern style. I’m going to be watching her in Vegas.


Cutie Patootie. I love his story and the fact that he’s a total dork who knows hip hop. He’s got an old school grace to him that’s very musical theater. I’d love to see him do a Tyce number. He’s adorable and I love him and his character dancing. His dad’s cute too. I love it when parents dance and are super supportive.

I’m super excited for Vegas week. I’m rooting for the girl from Temecula with the jazz singer parents (my hometown hero). I don’t think a lot of our hip hoppers are going to last through the week. I’m hoping The Exorcist makes it further than he did last time.

June 4, 2013 I Written By

Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.