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SYTYCD Five Alive’s Future Plans

This is another great video about the future plans of the Five Alive kids. 🙂 They talked about this some in John’s videos, too.

November 19, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 5 Tour – Atlanta

As tonight’s Season 6 Vegas Week episode was wrapping up, I received my media alert about the SYTYCD Season 5 tour date in Atlanta. Amanda and I are scheduled to attend and once we receive our credentials, we’ll be able to meet with the Top 10 dancers and ask them a few (quick, no doubt) questions.

There are a million things I could ask. But I worry that if I don’t prepare in advance, I’ll end up just asking Evan if he’ll marry me. 🙂 Or bashfully telling Jeanine how much she rocks.

And I’m *really* interested in what you’d like me to ask. When I got to interview the judges (Mary, Adam and Lil C) earlier this year in New Orleans, it was my mom who actually gave me the best question. She wanted me to ask Mary where the whole “tamale train” thing started. I waited till the other press had moved on to the other judges before asking Mary and I got a really interesting answer.

So, help Amanda and me out. If you could ask any of the Season 5 Top 10 dancers one question, what would it be?? Don’t forget – Caitlin and Jason will be there, too. They’re billed as “special guests” as they’re not technically part of the Top 10.

Enjoy this picture that came with the media alert.

Dance pic 1

October 14, 2009 I Written By