Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer In Trouble on Dancing with the Stars

UPDATE: Lacey and Steve-O were sent home on Dancing with the Stars.

I’m certain that a lot of fans of So You Think You Can Dance have been following the past So You Think You Can Dance cast to see how they’re doing on Dancing with the Stars. I meant to give more regular updates, but just didn’t find the time.

As you probably already know, Dmitry and Holly were voted off the show a couple weeks ago. I know I was a little bit surprised, although looking back it kind of makes sense that Holly doesn’t have the most passionate following. Men who like Playboy aren’t exactly the target market for Dancing with the Stars and are definitely not the kind of people that pick up the phone and vote. Regardless I’d still really like to see Dmitry back for another season on the show.

This week Chelsie and Lacey are both in the bottom 2. That really doesn’t bode well for either of them. I personally think that it might just be time for Steve-O to go home. Although, he probably does have a few more fans than Ty so it could be a close one. Either way, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that both Chelsie and Lacey have lame duck partners and they’re lucky to still be on the show at all.

I’m sure that Chelsie and Lacey are fighting as hard as they can to stay on the show since the farther they make it on the show, the more they get paid. At least if they get paid similar to Shawn Johnson on Dancing with the Stars. Plus, maybe there’s just a little bit of pride for being the last So You Can Dance alumnus still on Dancing with the Stars.

Since I’ve always focused on the music from So You Think You Can Dance, I should also link you to a list of all the Dancing with the Stars 2009 music. They’re still not on par with So You Think You Can Dance, but they have done 100 times better this year than in past years.