Finally My Blonde Favorite (LoFro) Won!

Many of the readers of Pure SYTYCD are familiar with my personal bias towards blonde female dancers on SYTYCD. Try to tell me that Kayla Radomski, Channing Cooke, Kherington Payne, and Heidi Groskreutz aren’t fantastic dancers. Of course, the biggest problem with it all is that I had terrible luck with my favorite blonde girls getting sent home very quickly on SYTYCD. The good news is, the spell is broken and LoFro won!! Woot!! I guess all my predicting that Kent Boyd would win worked!

In honor of me, Dennis sent me some videos of my blonde LoFro winner. Thanks Dennis!

LoFro dancing on Regis and Kelly and a Nice Interview

LoFro Fever !!! Behind-the-scenes looks w/ Fox New NY at the Dance Spirit cover shoot.