Let’s Talk About Lissie

As I mentioned in the comments, I’ve been planning a “suggested music” list to post after Vegas Week and to go along with my “predicted music” list. I started the post on the 25th (Emilie’s Dream Music List) and #1 on that list is Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go, Lissie - Why You Runnin' - EP - Everywhere I Go, which aired tonight.

Though, I lied tonight in the comments when I called it my favorite song, because my real favorite, “When I’m Alone” isn’t available anywhere to download (that I’ve seen), though she does have a YouTube video for it. I listen to this song pretty much every day, I love it so much:

If you love Lissie as much as I do, check out her website. Also, Daytrotter has a free music session, (two actually) with her that you can download.

Oh and hey? You have to check out this version of “Everywhere I Go” she performed with Ellie Goulding. Amaaaaaaazing.

Hey Lissie? Will you give us a free mp3 download of “When I’m Alone” to offer our readers? Or put it on iTunes? I’m dying here… 🙂