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Mollee Gray & Victor Smalley Top 20 SYTYCD Interview

These two were really goofy and funny. He had a Laurie Ann Gibson humiliating moment and she was more excited to meet Cat Deely than anything else. They’re both  nervous about ballroom and have a lot of confidence, but they don’t seem arrogant to me. More exuberant.

October 22, 2009 I Written By

SYTYCD Phoenix Auditions Episode Music

Is any of the music going to make folks as rabid as last week’s music from Paula van Oppen’s audition (aka girl in yellow … till she changes clothes in Vegas)? Y’all were so good at helping us with the music last week, we’re gonna put this up immediately, as I add music so that you can suggest songs you think you hear. Let’s make it a game, shall we?

SYTYCD Season 6 Phoenix Auditions Music List

Opening – “Also Sprach Zarathustra: 2001 Space Odyssey” Royal Philharmonic Orchestra– Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Carl Davis

Early montage, audition line – “Hot In Herre” Nelly - Nellyville - Hot in Herre– Nelly

Early montage, audition line (later) – “Shake It” Metro Station - Metro Station - Shake It– Metro Station

Biggie & Shorty interview – “Theme from “What’s Happening!!” HENRY MANCINI - Greatest Hits - The Best of Henry Mancini (Remastered) - What's Happening!!– Henry Mancini

Biggie & Shorty audition – “Appetite” Usher– Usher

Sasha Mallory (girl in white, family in audience) audition – “First Love” ADELE – Adele

Katie Muth audition – “She’s a Star” Dave Tweedie (no link yet)

Ellie Soto audition – “The Dance” Charlotte Martin - Stromata - The Dance-Charlotte Martin

Allison Becker (hearing impaired, gorgeous smile) audition – “You Found Me” The Fray - The Fray - You Found Me– The Fray

Jacob Jason & William de Vries (same sex pair) audition – “Make You Feel My Love” ADELE-Adele

Jonathan Noronha audition – “I Am a Disco Dancer”  Vijay Benedict, Chorus, Mithun Chakravarty, Kim-Vijay Benedict

Choreography – “I Know You Want Me” Pitbull-Pitbull

Jarvis Johnson (screaming guy) talking segment – “I’m So Excited” The Pointer Sisters - Now That's What I Call the 80s - I'm So Excited– The Pointer Sisters

Jarvis Johnson audition – “Low” Flo Rida-Flo Rida

Brandon Grant & Nicole Peterson (clown waltz, no) – “Sweet Dreams For You” Jewel - Lullaby - Sweet Dreams– Jewel

Weird place montage – “People Are Strange” The Frighteners-The Frighteners

Kelsey White (“once” kidnapped by aliens) – “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” Ingrid Michaelson-Ingrid Michaelson

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (B-boy, assisted Lauren with choreography last year) – “Superbad” James Brown & The J.B.'s-James Brown

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez audition – “It’s Just Begun” The Jimmy Castor Bunch - 16 Slabs of Funk - It's Just Begun -Jimmy Castor Bunch

End – “Fly Away” Lenny Kravitz - Lenny Kravitz: Greatest Hits - Fly Away-Lenny Kravitz

September 16, 2009 I Written By