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So You Think You Can Dance: Survivor Edition

I think Alex said it best when he tweeted earlier today:

RT Sorry, I kinda star[t]ed it. LOL @Allisonholker, @courtneyg612, @LaurenGottlieb: This show we call SYTYCD should be called SURVIVOR!!!
about 12 hours ago via web

We all know about the season ending injuries that plagued Alex Wong, then Ashley Galvan.

You know the old superstition about bad things coming in groups of three? Well another injury has rumored to have occured taking another dancer out of performing tonight… Who could it be? If you really want to know, head over to our friends at where their spoilers are posted.

For a refresher… Alex Wong suffered a torn Achilles tendon which would require a few months recovery, Ashley Galvan had a cracked/broken rib which requires a few weeks recovery… so what could be next?

If the rumors are correct, then the prognosis is a busted knee… which is definitely not a good thing. Is the show pushing the dancers too hard? Or are the dancers just not taking better care of themselves? I don’t recall having so many season ending injuries on one season, though I do remember previous dancers continuing on injuries:
– Donyelle from Season 2 continued to dance on a bruised toe
– Jessica King of Season 4 danced on what was previously believed to be a sore rib but turned out to be worse than that

Let us hope that it’s not season ending, so we could still salvage the season in some capacity… Isn’t seven (7) suppose to be a lucky number? I suppose Season 7 is a very unlucky number in this case indeed…

What do you guys think? Is this season still salvagable? Or is it a bust?

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Alex Wong Injured on SYTYCD – Poll – Will He Return?

I’m sure that everyone was a little bit shocked to see that Alex Wong was injured and couldn’t perform on last night’s episode of SYTYCD. Pretty crazy stuff and many unhappy Alex fans (including Mia it seems). According to the SYTYCD rules he’s automatically in the bottom 3 and will have to dance for his life tonight. Of course, the real question is whether he’ll even be able to dance for his life or whether his injury will take him out of the competition. What’s your prediction? Vote now:

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