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Dizzy Feet Event in LA 11/29 just posted some great pictures from the Dizzy Feet event in LA that happened Nov. 29th. It included the 5Alive kids as well as stars from DWTS (including S3’s Lacey) and ABDC (with S1’s Ryan and S3’s Hok and Dominic). Thanks Rickey for posting this, man I wish I could have been there!


here’s an interview with Qwest, with most of the questions aimed at D-Trix (Dominic) he’s awesome!

dances done included “No Air”, “If It Kills Me”, and “Addiction” as well as Ade and Melissa’s Breast Cancer routine, as well as performances from Cheryl and Derek from DWTS and Lacey’s samba with Lance Bass from S7 of DWTS. Qwest rocked it out, as did the three leading ladies from the Step Up films, as introduced by their male counterparts.

November 30, 2009 I Written By

Behind the Choreography-Hairography

So I don’t know about you guys, but I watched the “Bootylicious” routine a TON looking for S4’s Kherington, Comfort, and Katee. With all that hair whipping around I couldn’t find them. Luckily the folks at Fox helped us out by doing a “Behind the Choreography” on this clever routine. Looks like it was Fox’s idea to put in the girls from S4. I have one question though, where from Lauren from S3?! She’s been in more than one routine from Glee (look for her in the infamous “Rehab” routine from the pilot) so I was surprised not to see her.

I had some trouble finding the video on youtube of the rehab song but check out this one, it’s a copy of the song with a perfect shot of Lauren!

November 29, 2009 I Written By