SYTYCD Schedule To Whet Your Appetite

Hi y’all. Here’s the schedule for the first couple of episodes, as seen here. I know it’s early, but I’m a bit excited. For the record, SYTYCD is going back to Wednesday/Thursdays. Some normalcy in the middle of all the chaos! 🙂 Good chaos, but still…

May 27 (Thu): Season premiere, auditions, 8-10pm
June 2 (Wed): Auditions, 8-10pm
June 3 (Thu): Auditions/Las Vegas callbacks, 8-10pm
June 9 (Wed): Las Vegas callbacks, 8-10pm
June 10 (Thu): Las Vegas callbacks/Top 10 revealed, 9-10pm
June 16 (Wed): Top 10 perform, 8-10pm
June 17 (Thu): Top 10 results, 9-10pm