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SYTYCD Season 8 – Week 2 Results, Debbie Reynolds, Quest Crew, LMFAO

Nigel, Mary and guest judge Debbie Reynolds talks about eliminating 4 dancers after week 2. Plus interviews with LMFAO and Quest Crew!

June 24, 2011 I Written By

Top 20 (Part 2) Results Thoughts and Discussion

I’m dreading tonight as much as I can dread SYTYCD. Which is to say that I’m looking forward to seeing the dancing, but sad about losing 4 of the dancers. I think the dancers themselves got it right in DanceOn’s video interviews when they said that getting to know them another week almost makes it worse to lose them now.

That being said, it’s kinda cool to see a third Top 20 group routine and Dave Scott’s was really good. I love Nina Simone and I thought there was a really retro-futuristic The Adjustment Bureau feel to it.

I’m excited to see Crew dancing later.

And for the rest of my live thoughts, a spoiler space…

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June 23, 2011 I Written By

Top 20 (Part 2) Results Music

Dave Scott Top 20 group routine: Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” – Sinnerman - The Essential Nina Simone

Rage Crew’s 3rd appearance on SYTYCD: Colton B’s “Party Like This” – not on iTunes, try “Famous” – Famous - Famous - Single in the meantime

And a spoiler space for the solos:

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So You Think You Can Dance – Week 2, Season 8

Week 2 Interviews with the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 8.

Episode Recap:
1. Caitlynn and Mitchell — Contemporary (Stacy Tookey)
“Turning Tables”, Adele

2. Sasha and Alexander — Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
“Coming Home”, Diddy Dirty Money and Skylar Grey

3. Clarice and Jess — Contemporary (Stacey Tookey)
“Cathedrals”, Jump Little Children

4. Jordan and Tadd — Viennese Waltz (Jean-Marc Genereux)
“Fade Into Me”, David Cook

5. Melanie and Marko — Jazz (Mandy Moore)
“Sing With A Swing (Rat Marchesini Radio Edit)”, DKS

6. Miranda and Robert — Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
“Breck Ya Neck”, Busta Rhymes

7. Ashley and Chris –Broadway (Spencer Liff)
“Please, Mr. Jailer”, Racherl Sweet

8. Iveta and Nick — Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan)
“Luck By Chance”, Baawre

9. Ryan and Ricky — Jazz (Mandy Moore)
“Addicted To Love”, Robert Palmer

10. Missy and Wadi — Ballroom (Jean-Marc Genereux)
“Cannibal”, Ke$ha

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Top 20 (Part 2) Performance Music

Here we go again, round 2 of the Top 20 performances. I’m excited to see everybody dance again, but so nervous about losing 4 of them tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers for my favorites…now…which makes it hard to type….

And a spoiler space, just in case…

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June 22, 2011 I Written By

SYTYCD Week 1, Interviews w/ Judges After No Elimination – Poll for Your Favorite Couples

Nigel, Mary and guest judge Megan Mullally agreed not to eliminate 2 dancers after the first week of live performances on season 8 of SYTYCD. Next week 4 dancers will be eliminated, so be sure to tune in and vote. Until then here’s your chance to vote on the couples.

Then, a video interview with the judges after no elimination of the SYTYCD 2011 top 20.

June 20, 2011 I Written By

Top 20 Results Thoughts and Discussion

Sorry this is late, y’all. I was trying to watch last night’s results show while at work. Which was successful until about halfway through the solos and I had to actually go work. I’ve since caught up and am ready to talk. Seems some of you are, too, so here’s a space for your discussion, too. Sound off in the comments.

My thoughts:

-I loved the Sonya group routine. It seemed like the girlie “beasts” were a bit favored over the guys, but I do have to agree that I think the girls are stronger this season. The guys are growing on me but all my favorites are girls right now. Also, I thought the “Where were you in ’92” line was ironic, considering most of the dancers are younger than 19 and ’92 was almost 20 years ago now…

-I’ve loved having Megan Mullaly as a guest judge. She knows what she’s talking about, but she’s kind and supportive and clearly a fan. Best of all possible worlds for a guest judge.

-The photo of a scared Nigel congo-ing (?!?!) with Lady Gaga was hysterical. And scary. 🙂

-I’m glad they didn’t try to act like Melanie/Marko are in danger because I really love this couple and they had one of the best routines of the night.

-In the Missy/Wadi and Iveta/Nick couples, I do like the guys a lot and I really liked their partnerships, which is helping Missy and Iveta grow on me. Glad they’re safe.

-Between Ashley/Chris and Jordan/Tadd, I think Jordan/Tadd actually had the stronger routine. It was just at the beginning of the night, so maybe people forgot about them. I really like their partnership. I like Ashley/Chris, too, don’t get me wrong and they had a cute hip hop, but I liked the African jazz better.

-I’m SO GLAD Caitlynn is safe. She’s quickly become one of my favorites. Doesn’t she kinda look like a brunette LoFro? However, I loved watching her danced with Robert. They had such a great routine and incredible chemistry. Who knows if she and Mitchell will have good chemistry together next week? I want her to continue to be safe.

-I’m not surprised Clarice/Jess were in the bottom, but I thought she did a really good job in the Broadway. She had so much charisma and I think she and Jess might actually be a good pair.

-Keri Hilson’s performance was great and all, but I would’ve liked more focus on the dancer. I may be in the minority about generally being kinda blah about the musical performances (unless they have SYTYCD alum as dancers).

-SO GLAD Ryan and Rickey are safe! They are such a great partnership. You could tell they were a bit nervous, despite the crowd reaction.

-It was clear who the bottom couple was gonna be between Miranda/Robert and Sasha/Alexander. It’s funny that they paired the girl with the least exposure with the guy with arguably the most. Maybe it’ll help draw Miranda out. Their routine was athletic and I feel like the choreography was great, but it just didn’t come together. Whereas Sasha/Alexander’s routine was fantastic.

-GOPAK! That was funny. Both Amanda and I giggled at the flashback to Jeanine and Philip’s Gopak because it was a running joke on the tour, which we both attended in Atlanta. So funny. And the guest dancer Gennadi Saveliev was amazing. The height on his jumps was incredible.

-Mitchell’s solo was very good, controlled and powerful. So far, his personality is my least favorite (and Robert an annoying second least favorite) of the guys because he comes off very arrogant. But he can dance, for sure. I think it was Sasha who was jumping up and down in near the end (her hair gave her away, plus it’s her style).

-Jordan’s solo was a bit…gymnastic stripper-ish. I love her to death, but I don’t know that it was the strongest solo she could have presented. I like the music, though, and it fits her.

-Tadd’s solo was probably my favorite. It had so much character to it and really showed off his skills. He reminded me so much of Dominic in his 8 second intro during the performance night and a little bit here too, in his solo. Love him.

-Clarice’s solo had a few nice elements, but I was distracted by the weird handkerchief thing hanging from her hip. The first move was pretty awesome, though.

-Jess’s solo, too, had a ton of character. Like Tadd, he really took his time to display himself and his dancing, which is something I don’t think either of the girls did very well.

-Miranda did, however. Hers was probably the best of the girl’s solos. She had some amazingly high jumps and leaps, especially at the beginning, but it didn’t feel frantic.

-Robert’s solo was good, but Tadd’s and Jess’s were definitely better. He had such a wave of audience support though, all woo-ing for him. You could tell it took Cat by surprise a bit.

-I’ve been pretty Lady Gaga-‘d out lately. Her last few singles have not impressed me very much. But “Edge of Glory” reminds me of the songs of hers I’ve liked and the video was pretty good. It’s kinda cool that she had her tv premiere on SYTYCD during Season 4 AND that she’s gonna guest judge later in the season.

-WOW! I was pretty surprised and pleased that they’re not sending anybody home. Cat was DE-LIGHT-FUL during the whole bruhaha. It’s gonna be tough to see 2 couples go home next week, but it’s nice that we get to see them all dance one more week, right?

What do y’all think? some of you are, too“>Our reader Emily called me out on not having a place for her and other readers to share their thoughts. Here it is, go for it.

June 17, 2011 I Written By

Top 20 Results Music

Sonya Top 20 group routine: M.I.A’s “XR2” – XR2 - Kala (Bonus Track Version)

Keri Hilson performed “Lose Control” – Lose Control / Let Me Down - No Boys Allowed (Deluxe)

Guest dancer Gennadi Saveliev danced to: Yuri Simonov’s “Gopak” – Gayaneh: Gopak - Khachaturian: Famous Ballet Suites: Spartacus – Gayaneh - Maskarade

Premiere of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” – The Edge of Glory - Born This Way (Bonus Track Version) video

And… a spoiler space for the rest….

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June 16, 2011 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 8 Top 20 Performance Music

I might need y’all’s help tonight because I’ll probably miss the show. Write us a comment and let us know what music played and what you think of it!

I can’t wait to see the episode, though. I especially want to see the Top 20 couples and see how my predictions pan out. 🙂

Spoilers below…

Jordan Casanova (Jazz) & Tadd Gadduang (Breakdancing)
– Dance: African Jazz
– Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
– Music: “Riding the Waves” — Afro Celt Sound System Riding the Waves - Volume 2: Release

Sasha Mallory (Jazz/Modern/HipHop) & Alexander Fost (Contemporary)
– Dance: Contemporary
– Choreographer: Travis Wall
– Music: “Stupid (Mark Bell mix)” — Sarah McLachlan [Note: This particular remix is not availale on iTunes, so here is the album version: Stupid - Closer - The Best of Sarah McLachlan (Deluxe Version)]

Clarice Ordaz (Jazz) & Jess LeProtto (Broadway)
– Dance: Broadway
– Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
– Music: “Me and My Baby” — Liza Minnelli Me and My Baby - The Best of Liza Minnelli

Ryan Ramirez (Contemporary) & Ricky Jaime (Contemporary)
– Dance: Lyrical HipHop
– Choreographer: Christopher Scott
– Music: “Ain’t No Sunshine” — Lighthouse Family Ain't No Sunshine - Lighthouse Family: Greatest Hits

Caitlynn Lawson (Contemporary) & Mitchell Kelly (Contemporary)
* Mitchell has a shoulder injury so Robert Roldan (Season 7) filled in
– Dance: Jazz
– Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
– Music: “In For the Kill” (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) — La Roux In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey remix) - In for the Kill Remixes - EP

Miranda Maleski (Contemporary) & Robert Taylor, Jr. (HipHop)
– Dance: Jive
– Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
– Music: “Runaway Baby” — Bruno Mars Runaway Baby - Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Deluxe Version)

Missy Morelli (Jazz) & Wadi Jones (Breakdancing)
– Dance: Jazz
– Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
– Music: “Judas (R3HAB Remix)” – Lady Gaga Judas (R3HAB Remix) - Judas (Remixes)

Melanie Moore (Contemporary) & Marko Germar (Jazz/HipHop)
– Dance: Contemporary
– Choreographer: Travis Wall
– Music: “Turn to Stone” — Ingrid Michaelson Turn to Stone - Turn to Stone - Single

Ashley Rich (Contemporary) & Chris Koehl (HipHop)
– Dance: Hip-Hop
– Choreographer: Christopher Scott
– Music: “Forget You!” — Cee Lo Green Forget You - The Lady Killer

Iveta Lukosuite (Ballroom) & Nick Young (Tap)
– Dance: Quickstep
– Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
– Music: “The Ballroom Blitz” — Sweet The Ballroom Blitz - The Best of Sweet

June 15, 2011 I Written By

Predicted Season 8 Top 20 Couples

After taking a look at Amanda’s Meet the Top 20 posts and the contestant photos on Fox’s official site, and after watching the Meet the Top 20 episode last week, of course, I thought I’d try my hand at predicting the Top 20 couples.

I based my predictions on several factors. I tried to switch up dance styles as much as possible, played the “personality” game a bit and tried to guestimate heights and body types as much as possible. Let’s see how many I get right when Wednesday comes around.

1. Melanie (contemporary) and Tadd (“urban”)

2. Ryan (contemporary) and Alexander (ballet)

3. Caitlyn ( jazz) and Marko (hip hop)

4. Sasha (contemporary) and Nick (tap)

5. Jordan (jazz) and Wadi (b boy)

6. Ashley (contemporary) and Jess (Broadway)

7. Missy (jazz) and Rickey (contemporary)

8. Miranda (contemporary) and Mitchell (contemporary)

9. Clarice (jazz) and Chris (hip hop)

10. Iveta (ballroom) and Robert (hip hop)

What do you think? Do you think I got it right or horribly wrong? Who do you think should dance together? What kind of pairings would you like to see?

June 13, 2011 I Written By