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Podcast: SYTYCD Season 9 – Vegas Week and Meet the Top 20

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Episode 48: “Vegas Week” direct download

Episode 49: “Meet the Top 20” direct download

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Time Stamps for “Vegas Week”
0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – The cuts during Vegas Week
13:36 – The major narratives of Vegas Week – Alexa Anderson and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer
19:14 – Standouts during Vegas Week
22:34 – MIA dancers during Vegas Week
25:30 – Wrap-up

Episode Length of “Vegas Week”: 28:38

Time Stamps for “Meet the Top 20”
0:00 – Introduction
1:33 – First contemporary routine by Tyce DiOrio: Alexa Anderson, George Lawrence II, Will Thomas, and Amber Jackson
3:57 –  Ballroom routine by Jason Gilkinson: Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Witney Carson, and Lindsay Arnold
6:15 – Ballet routine by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden: Eliana Girard, Daniel Baker, and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
8:36 – Jazz routine by Sonya Tayeh: Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, and Janelle Issis (not in routine)
10:18 – Second contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey: Matthew Kamierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janaya French, and Amelia Lowe
12:19 – “Mixed” routine by Chris Scott: Cole Horibe, Brandon Mitchell, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer
14:14 – Top 10 girls routine by Travis Wall
15:35 – Top 10 guys routine by Sonya Tayeh
16:59 – Top 20 routine by Mia Michaels
18:36 – Wrap-up

Episode Length of “Meet the Top 20”: 20:07

Wedding planning has consumed a lot of our time, but we’re finally here with our “Vegas Week” and “Meet the Top 20” podcasts! We apologize for the erratic and delayed release schedule, and ask for your patience as we find time to record and edit these.

The “Vegas Week” and “Meet the Top 20” episodes have transitioned us from the audition portion of the show into the live competition. We found ourselves unsatisfied with Vegas Week, as many of our early favorites were cut, most notably Mariah Spears. The insistence of the producers to make a narrative out of the Vegas Week process for Alexa Anderson and Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer also did not sit well with us, as this not only smacked of favoritism, but it also consumed so much television time that we barely saw the full routines for the different genre rounds.

We enjoyed the “Meet the Top 20” episode much more, as the remaining contestants that made it through the Green Mile are the ones we would have selected. The actual routines were quite good, with the routine by Chris Scott being a standout. Already we have some people we are excited for, including Cole Horibe and Witney Carson, and we also worry about the longevity of some contestants, such as Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, and Janaya French. Finally, we urge the producers and choreographers to take care with how they place and feature Alexa Anderson. Between the Vegas Week episode and the choices in the Travis and Mia Michaels routines, we’re concerned that she will experience a huge backlash from the fanbase, very similar to Ryan from last season. Overall, we’re excited for the final cast of contestants and cannot wait to see the first live show tonight!

Let us know what you think after listening to the podcast! You can leave us a comment here or on our blog, Reflections on Pop Entertainment. You can also follow us on Twitter and tweet with us. You can also visit our Facebook page, like us, and leave a comment there! We love feedback and will respond either with a comment or in our next published show.

July 11, 2012 I Written By

Over the past few years my fiancée Meghan slowly brought me into the world of television, turning me into a full-fledged fan of both scripted and reality shows. So You Think You Can Dance turned into one of my favorite reality shows as it is a competition that takes itself seriously, providing the audience with artistic choreography and talented dancers. It's certainly not something I ever expected to get emotionally invested in, but here I am! Meghan and I are very analytic when it comes to the things we enjoy. We constantly discussed and analyzed shows with each other and after doing this for a couple years, we decided that we should turn these discussions into a podcast. We created Reflections on Pop Entertainment, a podcast that provides commentary and analysis of popular entertainment as found in visual mediums, particularly television and film. So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 is the first television series we're covering with weekly podcasts and has allowed us to find our voice as well as actively contribute to the fan community. We hope that you'll enjoy our installments as they are posted to Pure So You Think You Can Dance!

So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Las Vegas Week

Earlier Emilie posted about the SYTYCD Season 7 contestants that were seen participating this week in the SYTYCD 2010 Las Vegas Week: Billy Bell, Brandon Dumlao and Alex Wong. The good news is that we have more information about the So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Las Vegas Week.

Motivated by Emilie’s post and a little bit of prodding from Pure SYTYCD’s new blogger, Marianya, I decided to make the trip down to the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas to see if I couldn’t crash the So You Think You Can Dance season 7 auditions. I say crash because we recently reached out to our SYTYCD press contact to get access, but hadn’t heard anything yet. Why we don’t have a direct line to the So You Think You Can Dance PR people, I don’t know. You’d think they’d love SYTYCD bloggers like our site. Not like we’re hard to contact. Just go to our Contact Us page, but I digress.

So, I headed down to the SYTYCD 7 Las Vegas week auditions. Before heading down I realized a few issues. First, I had my 6 year old son with me. Not a huge deal, but I’d have to explain to a 6 year old boy why it’s fun to hang out in front of a theater seeing random people come out. Second, my wife is out of town with my other 2 kids and of course took the camera and video camera with her to record the trip. That left me with our older video camera which turned out to have a dead battery.

I charged about 10 minutes of charge on the video camera and headed down to see what I could see. Luckily, I knew the theater they were using since I’d been there previously for the Miss America pageant and some other event. I was also lucky that the doors to the theater lobby are glass.

When we got there, sure enough there was a big sign saying that they were filming So You Think You Can Dance and some message about you might be caught on camera and shown on broadcast TV. Then, there was a security guy at the door. Inside the lobby I could see some producers sitting at a table and then a girl came running out the lobby door. So, I pulled out my camera and started shooting the sign and inside the lobby.

Remember I only had 10 minutes of battery so I had to save the battery as much as possible. After my first shot, I saw a girl run out of the lobby door and seemed to be heading to her room. I was mad the camera was off and missed her. So, I somehow convinced my son to hang around with me, hoping I could catch her as she came back. Of course, she came running back even faster and I missed her again. Dang.

Well, long story short, I did a number of circles around the place with my son with him likely not having any idea what I was really doing. Although, it was funny when I got him on camera and the sign for “Peep Show.” Uh, no. I did catch 2-3 girls on camera as they were exiting or inside getting interviewed. Didn’t recognize any of them, but one of them came out and was with her parents and some luggage. So, I’m assuming she must have been sent home?

However, the most exciting find was when I saw Teddy Tedholm. You remember Teddy? The guy with the bow tie and the crazy golf pants his mom bought him? I actually got quite a bit of video of Teddy. Even saw him being filmed leaving and then I filmed him leaving completely. It was kind of funny. He did look kind of disappointed, but maybe I was just reading into things. (Update: SYTYCDism has Teddy listed as cut in the hip hop round (which was today), so I must have seen him just after he was cut.)

Of course, you could be the judge for yourself, but unfortunately I have some issues with getting the video off the camera. Since it’s my old camera I have to reinstall a special card to export it to my computer…Ugh! So, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get around to doing that and I’ll upload a few videos for you all to enjoy. Plus, then you can tell me if you recognize any of the dancers in the videos. One of them was with Teddy and she was really excited when Teddy wasn’t so happy. So, I’m assuming she made it through.

It was pretty fun going and kind of being paparazzi like. I might have to try this again tomorrow and/or Saturday. Anyone know how long the Vegas Auditions go? Videos from the experience tomorrow.

April 15, 2010 I Written By

Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?