Rhythm Dance 2009: Melanie Mah Dances to "Werewolf"

I was looking through some YouTube videos trying to see if I could fish out any dance videos on the SYTYCDC 2 contestants. I came across Melanie Mah in her Rhythm Dance 2009 competition dancing to “Werewolf” by Cocorosie. Her accents are so strong but when she doesn’t, she is so fluent with her movement. Her arms trace the aura of talent around her! 😛 Also, I was delighted to find out that my Contemporary dance teacher is Victoria M., who was a finalist on SYTYCDC 2. She was eliminated during the ballroom round, I believe. She is definitely amazing (as seen in the second video below), and is so nice!

Melanie Mah

I also believe she used some of the choreography in this video (noticeably at 2:07 – 2:13) for her audition routine to Santigold’s “You’ll Find a Way (Remix)”.

Victoria Marshman, 3-4 years ago