SYTYCD at the VMA’s

Unless you don’t follow Mark Kanemura on twitter then you wouldn’t know that he performed with Lady Gaga. Mark was unbelievably excited to have this opportunity. I know I was excited to see him perform again; after all he is one of my all time favorites. I give props to Laurieann Gibson for giving him a nice little solo with Gaga. I thought the performance was good then it got weird at the end with all of the blood. I understood her message but still thought it was kind of weird. I read that it was supposed to be a reenactment of Princess Diana’s death.

20th Century Foxs Emmys Party - Arrivals

The highlight of the night for me was the tribute to Michael Jackson starring his sister Janet Jackson. The beginning was a dance montage of some of his best videos. I’m guessing the dancers were those that were going to be a part of his come back. Then it was Janet’s turn and the crowd went nuts. The concept was fantastic it really looked like she was dancing with her brother one last time. However she wasn’t alone, she had dancers/choreographers with her. I saw plenty of familiar faces from the SYTYCD family. Wade Robson, Laurieann Gibson, Brian Friedman, and Tyce Diorio who all I am sure have been inspired by MJ. The only other one I recognized was Chris Judd, Jennifer Lopez ex husband.

I just wanted to give a little update…let me know you thoughts if you saw it.