Karla and Vitolio So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Interviews

I’ve been waiting for over a week to see this video. I really wanted to see the elimination interview with Karla Garcia. Karla was really growing on me and so I was so sad to see her go last week. Vitolio also was just an interesting character.

The first part of the interview you can really see how sad Vitolio Jeune is to be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. I’m just sad that Karla kind of got Allison-ed/Kherington-ed. I also love that Karla acknowledged that her first dress in that Quickstep was horrible. I said the same thing to my wife when I first saw that dress. So, I was so glad when she did the quick change. Enjoy (a late) but final look at Karla and Vitolio.