Dear Dave Tweedie

Dear Mr. Dave Tweedie,

It’s really cool that SYTYCD used six of your awesome songs in the first six episodes. Except it’s really driving SYTYCD fans CRAZY that we can’t find any of them to download! We’re digging that tune “Tore My Heart” you did with Oona Garthwaite that you made available for download on this site, but we really need these other songs too for our re-listening pleasure:

She’s a Star
Louder w/Bijou
Something Sweet Now w/Oona
Weight of the World w/Stephen Bradley

Please, please…won’t you tell us where we can get a download or c.d. of these songs?Β  Sacrificing my own personal dignity, I’m begging on behalf of all of the SYTYCD fans who’ve written in (and who’ll write in here…hint, hint readers) to say how much they want access to your music. Seriously dude, put us out of our collective misery and give us a download of the songs listed above. Um, please.

We at Pure SYTYCD would be honored to host downloads here on the site, as we did for “Tore My Heart.” (UPDATE: Full version Now available on iTunes Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart) You can contact us here.

Oh and, p.s. – you rock. Can’t wait to hear more.



Dear SYTYCD Music Fans,

Write in below and tell Mr. Dave Tweedie you want his music!! If you’ve been frantically searching for these songs, let Dave Tweedie know in the comments!