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Season 5 Tour – Atlanta Part One

As promised, I went by the Arena where the Atlanta tour date will be tonight, in order to interview the dancers. Amusingly, when the press were led out to the secured area near the tour buses (it was a gorgeous day, so the interviews were going to be outside), our first view was of Randi and Kupono sunbathing on a blanket – “in their underwear” as one of the folks with me said in a shocked voice. Rascally dancers.

Apparently, they haven’t seen a lot of the sun lately since they usually travel between cities during the night and mostly go into the venues. They have a few days off, as they told me, where they explore the city. Melissa chuckled when I asked her for tour gossip and said, “Maybe we partied at the beginning, but now we’re like, party for 45 minutes and then out.”

I got to meet Jeanine briefly, but she had two telephone interviews during the press session, so she was off to the side doing that. Brandon came out briefly and lay on the blanket, talking to Kupono. He, Kupono and Randi weren’t actually technically available for press access. They’d opted out because they didn’t feel well or just wanted a break. Though, Kupono invited me to sit on the blanket with them when we first went out, so I asked him Christine’s question and he said that his studio back in his Hawaii really did it for him, that was “home” to him. He was going to let me take a picture of him, but one of the handlers told me not to, so I moved on to the official interviews.

First, I met Evan, Jason and Phillip or as I actually called them when our interview was over, “my boys.” 🙂 Here’s a picture, first of Evan and Jason and then of the three of them (Phillip arrived a minute or two later).

Jason and Evan

Jason and Evan


I asked them a few questions about the tour. Evan said he really enjoyed exploring Boston cause he’d never been there, but that he loved the performance in Detroit. Jason said that he was hoping his hometown would be his favorite performance. Phillip really liked Toronto.

Then, my boys moved on to talk to the local Fox affiliate folks and I chatted for a few minutes with Melissa and Ade. Melissa and I shook hands, but Ade gave me a hug, which made me giggle. I told him he did seem like that type from the show and he said, “Yeah, that’s just how I am.” They were really relaxed and comfortable with each other, which made it a lot of fun to talk to them. Mostly, I just felt like we were hanging out, they were just so chill. Melissa said she really enjoyed the Milwaukee show because she had a lot of support in the audience and Ade favored Manchester because it was the first show and there was a lot of energy from the audience because of that.

Here’s a picture of them. And then a second where they’re jokingly recreating one of their favorite movements, the joke being they don’t actually have any chemistry, (“that is real,” Melissa said).


As I was leaving, Kupono called the others over to the blanket to show them something in a magazine and they were all clustered together to look. It really does seem like they’ve banded together on tour, which is great to see. I really enjoyed meeting them. Now, I have to go see the show!!

If you haven’t bought tickets to the SYTYCD tour yet, they’re only about half way through the tour and SYTYCD tour tickets are still available.

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SYTYCD Season 6 Top 20 spoilers!

According to Nigel’s Twitter, they just filmed the so-called “green mile” episode in L.A. recently (October 9th).

big kudos to our friends over at SYTYCDism, they’re definitely on top of their stuff.

**please note that these are spoilers**

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