SYTYCD 7: Top 11 Performances Reactions

Sooo normally I don’t have an opinion when it comes to dances and emotion and what not, but there was so much going on that you can’t help but react, so I’m going to give it a shot… 😀 Just a quick warning, chances are high I’m not going to react to the actual dances as much as some other things that have happened… 😀

Overall Show format

Marianya’s Reaction: Now I’m really digging this All Star format, I think the All Stars are really a big help in helping the dancers get acquainted with unfamiliar dances… but another week I think will help me refine that opinion.

Dancer: Billy Bell
All-Star: Lauren Gottlieb
Style: Broadway

Marianya’s Reaction: Ok, Billy is a beautiful dancer, no question… but he seems to have lost a bit of that luster from Season 6. Though I’ll admit this is one of the better Broadway routines.

Dancer: Cristina Santana
All-Star: Mark Kanemura
Style: Jazz

Marianya’s Reaction: Took me a while to realize that Cristina was wearing a body suit and not body paint >.< But dang Mark was flirting with the audience as he walked off stage... with the finger pointing and the semi-Elvis semi-The Fonz look... such a ham. Dancer: Jose Ruiz
All-Star: Comfort Fedoke
Style: Hip Hop

Marianya’s Reaction: Jose looking all werewolf-y yeeeaaah, didn’t expect that, but I think Jose got cut a break with a good portion of his dancing being more breaking than actual dancing… he’s better on the floor than on his feet… and doesn’t necessarily work in dancing, in other activities I’d agree, but not dancing.

Dancer: Adéchiké Torbert
All-Star: Kathryn McCormick
Style: Contemporary/Jazz

Marianya’s Reaction: This had SO MUCH potential and it felt flat. I mean COME ON, I work in the office and I have fantasies of being able to do that to a couple of guys, but this routine is a man’s fantasy not a female’s fantasy. Seriously dude.

Dancer: Melinda Sullivan
All-Star: Pasha Kovalev
Style: Ballroom – Jive

Marianya’s Reaction: *Squee* Pasha’s back, I’m a Pasha fangirl. I was going to say something about the routine but Adam totally made me forget what I wanted to say when he said, “look in here please don’t look down here…” with his fingers aiming towards his family jewels… so he had to add to that, “and by that I mean your legs and feet”. I love Adam… I don’t care which team he bats for.

Dancer: Alex Wong
All-Star: Allison Holker
Style: Jazz

Marianya’s Reaction: O.M.G. Where the hell did that come from!??!?! I’ve never see Nigel speechless… and I swear I thought Nigel shed a tear or two or three… One thing I noticed is that Alex held Allison for a very long time… almost as long as Neil and Ashley later on… but that was such an emotionally driven piece that they needed a bit to calm down. Oh and SONYA ROCKS tonight… I’ve never been a huge fan of Sonya, I am now.

Dancer: Alexie Agdeppa
All-Star: Stephen “Twitch” Boss
Style: Hip Hop

Marianya’s Reaction: Shankman of the 90s scares me, and instead of the girl barging through the door it’s Twitch barging through the window… He so suave in that dance, he could sneak through my window any night. Though, I totally would love to see the extended clip of Shankman in Star Search.

Dancer: Lauren Froderman
All-Star: Ade Obayami
Style: Contemporary

Marianya’s Reaction: As much as I love Ade, Lauren totally killed the routine for me. I ended up fast forwarding through the routine because Lauren seemed to be a dancing Barbie doll. It’s pretty and all but there’s no substance behind the pretty face and lines.

Dancer: Kent Boyd
All-Star: Anya Garnis
Style: Ballroom

Marianya’s Reaction: OMG I know what Kent needs to do in order to remain on top… he needs to enjoy dancing and not think! I love, LOVE, LOVE his last back bend and when he gets out of it and looks at Anya, did anyone notice a bit of a flick of his tongue out the right side of his lips? OMG. Forget the lips puckering or his Jessica Rabbit impersonation. And then he went from being a “man” to being a “boy” again… it’s like *blink* I’m a kid again. And Mia and Adam’s reactions to the cougar exchange… priceless!

Dancer: Ashley Galvan
All-Star: Neil Haskell
Style: Contemporary

Marianya’s Reaction: Another strong emotional routine, right up there with Alex/Allison. But for more of my reaction, go to this exchange between myself and Emilie.

Dancer: Robert Roldan
All-Star: Courtney Galiano
Style: African Jazz

Marianya’s Reaction: Courtney’s my least fav All-Star… so you could bet I was a wee disappointed that Robert didn’t “really” kill Courtney 😀 I watched Robert primarily through this whole thing. This is a dancer that’s like Ade where you know almost nothing about them at the beginning but their dancing spoke for them… and his exchange with Mia was entertaing… RAWR! Though Adam’s assessment of Robert would be interesting considering there’s Kent and Billy there too… I’m beginning to understand way there are so many male dancers, it just made me wonder how did Anthony Burrell do in the other styles that forced them to let him go because that has GOT to be the reason they didn’t keep him on…