Vegas Week Thoughts

Wow, what an episode. I almost wish I had two one hour episodes to process everything that Vegas week covers. The panel of judges are Nigel, Mary, Adam, Twitch, Jason Derulo, and Hannah Simone(from New Girl). NappyTabs, Sonya, Chelsie, Dmitry, and Stacey Tookey assist with the judging during their respective rounds.

Solos are up first and the dancers are basically dancing for a room key. Before the solos even happen we are hit with some immediate bad news; Hampton “Exorcist”  Williams was injured in a car accident and unable to make it to Vegas (seriously bummed out about this). Also the girl who dislocated her knee also had to drop out. By the end of the solos 53 dancers were sent straight back home including one of my favorites Caleb.

Hip-Hop Round

Of course most of the street dancer do excel in this round, sometimes I do feel that sometime they are more prepared than we know. Shanshan for me is an example of even though that you are out of your comfort zone, you still have to get up there and try your best. She surprised most of the judges and moved on to the next round.

Jazz Round

Oh boy there is a lot mixed feelings for me about that round. The decision to make the dancers stay up the full night to practice the routine, considering the next night is another all nighter, bothered me to an extent. My question is why not make it two hours to learn the dance instead of all night. I know Vegas week is supposed to be tough but sometimes I wonder where the producers draw the line in pushing the dancers to their limit, injuries tend to happen when fatigue sets in. Armand letting his partner down by dropping her was a point of I really don’t know what caused it, my best guess a combination of things. I will say that staying up all night paid off for most of the dancers.

Ballroom Round

Love seeing Dmitry and Chelsie on the show. I wish they spent a little more time on this round, it wasn’t enough for me to form an opinion. Overall I thought it was good.

Group Round

The group rounds are always crazy and hectic. Sometimes I wonder if some groups come up with a game plan, factoring in breaks and time for some rest even if it’s only for an hour or two. The first group up decides to use the Boston Bombing as a story line and I say they nailed it with a beautiful fusion of styles dance. No surprise that there were tears from the judges and the dancers. Up next was Facts with a little bit of Fik-Shun, great name but a hot mess. I was thankful Fik-Shun made it through, I really like him. Overall groups came together and made it work.

Contemporary Round

This round is always the toughest cut and the most emotional. Granted I’m sure the fatigue plays a part in the emotions. I love the story that Stacey came up with and to see a few dancers that connected with the emotional aspect of the dance. The round ended with a battle between two animators and the final decision is Stacey’s on who stays and who goes, and she went with the safe choice and let them both stay. I also love watching Twitch’s reaction in watching the hip-hop dancers.

After all the round were over dancers were given the chance to say why they want to be in the competition. A few more were cut after this and leaving 33 dancers to face the green mile. So I’ll end this post with who do you think will be in the Top 20?  Let me know what you think, I’m a little tired so names are excaping me but I do think Fik-Shun will be part of the top 20.